In this very special bonus episode, Jason and David listen to, watch, and discuss various 80’s TV theme songs. Who is the douchebag seeing Cousin Larry off? How many Grammy’s does Quincy Jones have? Why did Bill Cosby have to ruin the legacy of, well, pretty much everything he’s ever been a part of? All this and more as you go American or Burst for this bonus episode of Podvocacy!

(Editor note: I throw a GD out there while discussing how Bill Cosby has ruined everything so be forewarned. It’s just a quick earmuffs moment, nothing more -J)

(Editor’s note part deux: Video and Skype don’t always get along, so there are a couple spots where David gets a tad garbled. If you have any complaints, there’s a small little company in Redmond, Washington that you can forward them too 😉 )

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  • – Redmond, WA? What does Nintendo have to do with this?
    – There is so much to say about TV theme songs in such a short amount of time, but one GLARING oversight:

  • Hey, Andrew Gold got his mention. 😉

  • Thank you for being a friend, Joe.

  • Not sure why that embeded so huge…