Welcome back to Podvocacy!

The last couple of episodes we released had been in the can for a little while, so Jason and David are back together, recording for the first time in over three weeks.

On this episode, Jason has been a vagabond traveler down the highway of life, and is searching for his own Hobo Code. Meanwhile, David spends a large chunk of the episode waxing rhapsodic about musical theatre and his trip with his wife to see many Broadway shows. He also talks about the Tony Awards, and the fact that they have a stake in them this year for, really, the first time. Look in the links section for some videos of the shows that they saw while they were in New York.

After that, we discuss Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2, and our thoughts on the movie. Does it come anywhere near the first one? Listen and find out!

Thanks, as always for listening!

Music provided by bensound.com


Amelie performing on the Today Show.
Groundhog Day clips
Welcome to the Rock from Come From Away
Me and The Sky from Come From Away
Anastasia on the Today Show

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  • – Hey, I like that intro!
    – Wait, Darth Vader is H.R.? I didn’t think Jason was watching the Flash
    – I almost spit out my coffee after hearing David watching THOSE movies this weekend. Did you lose a bet?
    – Where does one get this magical foam?
    – Did you not send me a reminder of this RFC appearance, Jason?
    – Going to see a Broadway show sounds like a huge pain in the ass
    – Spreadsheet…now I’m back in
    – I was typing ‘vagabond’ and ‘hobo code’ as you both were saying it
    – I’m with David re: Jason’s terrible Netflix choices, you need to listen to more podcasts
    – David said it two more times that he watched THOSE movies!
    – The one good thing about my low rent theater, always three trailers, this time, new Spidey, new Thor and new Star Wars. Perfect

  • – I did too. Jason nailed it.
    – I’m now imagining a pork pie hat on top of the mask…
    – Nope. I legitimately enjoy them, and am happy to watch them.
    – I think most musical instrument stores like Guitar Center carry it.
    – Jason, Jason, Jason…
    – Going to see “a” Broadway show is pretty easy. We had our tickets for Aladdin back in November, and didn’t have to do anything but go to the theatre. Seeing multiple Broadway shows, like a lot of things, depends on how much money you want to spend. We could’ve made it easier on ourselves by buying tickets ahead of time, but it would’ve been a lot more expensive. In the end, we had a lot of fun.
    – We do cater to our hardcore fans.
    – Proof that we exist in the same universe as Longbox Heroes After Dark.
    – I don’t think AK’s thrown his hat into that arena, yet.
    – Sure did.
    – That does sound perfect.

  • -Thanks! I’m willing to do one for any show that wants one…
    -Magical foam: http://amzn.to/2q6N3a8
    -I certainly did send you a reminder. Today. After I was reminded to about 15 times to do so…
    -Dude, I listen to 40 some podcasts. I think I’m good 😉
    -Hey, I responded to something. Yay!!!