You didn’t think we’d really leave you without an episode this week, did you? Through the magic of pre-show recording technology, we decided to throw together a little “After Dark” action for you. (No idea where we would have gotten that idea.) So sit back and relax as Jason and David talk about a TV show they’ve never seen and do a deep dive on Weird Al’s polkas.

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  • – I forget how weird some of Al’s original songs truly are
    – Does this not count towards the numbering of the show?
    – no Tito’s in that Gatorade?
    – Is it wrong I don’t care about Lost?
    – some hot finger clacking action!
    – See, when you aren’t aware of Usher, then it’s an original…
    – Listening to that track listing of ‘NOW That’s What I Call” makes me glad my son listens almost exclusively to AC/DC and Rob Zombie

  • -You spelled “awesome” wrong
    -We kinda suck at numbering…
    -We kinda suck at drinking Gatorade
    -All for you, baby!
    -You’re son is great. Meanwhile my son now sings the Theme to That 70’s Show. I also just triggered David