Welcome back to Podvocacy.

After a few weeks of not recording, we’re back with brand spankin’ new audio for your ears.

This week, Jason talks about the hassle of moving again, while David mentions that he’s trying to get back into shape. Follow his weight loss blog to keep up with his journey. We also talk about the passing of Chris Cornell, and the place he fit into our lives, especially compared to his grunge contemporaries.

In TV Talk, we discuss the last two episodes of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., which saw the team dealing with the real world ramifications of the happenings inside the Framework. We also discuss the most recent episode of Better Call Saul, and gush about Michael Mando’s portrayal of Nacho.

Finally, we discuss WWE’s most recent NXT Takeover and the Backlash PPV, specifically the events concerning the WWE Championship. As well, we bid a fond farewell to UltraMantis Black, who officially retired over the weekend at Chikara: Aniversario in Hellertown, PA.

Have a great week, everyone!

Music: You Know My Name and Billie Jean by Chris Cornell

This episode is dedicate to the memory of Matthew T. Denio.

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  • – a touching tribute to start the show
    – a certain robotic puck? Not a sponsor?
    – Ya know, I JUST now got the ‘joke’ about the ‘Lost’ episode. I’m a dumb dumb
    – I 100% agree with Jason’s feelings about Lego Batman. I’m afraid too…
    – That dead end road of ‘getting healthy’
    – Not sure why, I like Soundgarden and Audioslave, but Cornell’s solo stuff always appealed to me more
    – I spoke to a very unlikely person this weekend who’s only connection to the Marvel universe is the Tsum Tsum mobile game and even she was sickened by the shoddy wig work in the Inhumans photo
    – I’m glad people aren’t calling ‘Better Caul Saul’ BCS…or they are and I’m not aware
    – Jeremy, Daryl and his other brother Daryl?
    – Asa wanted to see the new Transformers movie, based on the poster alone. Then we saw the trailer yesterday before Pirates 5, now he really wants to see it. The Emoji movie is now not the worst movie he wants to see this summer
    – Well, it looks like I’ll have to mute David and/or the Podvocacy account after Tuesday night
    – several sets of those lanters, FYI…
    – As the most kayfabin-ist MFer in the world, I’ll never belive Mantis is done

  • – Yes, it was.
    – Not technically, but if you click on our Amazon link, you can find and buy one there.
    – No worries.
    – I still want to see it. Maybe I’ll buy the Blu-Ray for my son, and take it for a test drive.
    – Every time you or Todd mention his “kerfuffle” I freak out about the possibility of that happening to me. That’s partially behind it.
    – Interesting. Especially since I know you don’t like a whole lot of new stuff.
    – When I first saw that picture, I thought it was a bad Photoshop job. I’m not sure which would be the worse thing.
    – The only time I’ve seen it referred to that way is if people need to shorten it for Twitter.
    – Sounds like Bob Newhart’s nightmare.
    – And…Boom goes the dynamite.
    – I will give a warning with a specific hashtag for you to mute.
    – Nice.
    – I hope that he’s not, but I guess time will tell.