Welcome back to Podvocacy!

On this week’s episode, Jason’s dealing with some pretty serious carpal tunnel issues that could result in hilarity down the road. Also, David doesn’t get to see Wonder Woman.

We discuss about 5 episodes worth of Gotham, and we learn that Jason does a spot on(?) Matthew Lesko impression, which is super in demand. Also, it turns out that Jason has no idea what “The Fireworks Factory” refers to.

In wrestling talk, we discuss the main event of Extreme Rules, a Fatal Five Way featuring Finn Balor, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Samoa Joe, and Bray Wyatt. We also discuss the ruination of Bayley by the main roster writers.

Everybody have a great week!

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  • – happy 100th episode, boys
    – You still have MPQ in the header in your Twitter, cracks me up
    – Surgery? Transition? Jason, are you telling us something?
    – Wait, needles and electrical currents? Super powers?
    – We may be having out first yard sale this summer! At the behest of Asa of all people!
    – Doug Benson has me blocked on twitter so eff him
    – When you mentioned ‘Preacher’ I let out an audible ‘blech.’ Haven’t watched the trailer on purpose, BTDUBS
    – If given the choice between Inhumans and Preacher…oh boy…
    – David reading through the synopsis for Gotham sounds like such a mess
    – I got your back on ‘It’s a Living’ David, a classic of mid day syndication
    – Copy a B minus, get a B minus
    – A network culling? You mean shows that haven’t had episodes in nine and six weeks respectively? Ones where I texted the host the direct question of ‘what’s up?’ to get no response?
    – Asa named that Splatoon guy ‘Blue Ninja Jump’
    – Just as an FYI for youse, the showrunner for Powerless did a podcast talking about what happened with the show: http://wordballoon.libsyn.com/the-rise-and-fall-of-nbcs-powerless-w-co-producer-showrunner-patrick-schumacker
    – I was very happy to see Samoan Joe win, him versus Brock is gonna be a delight!
    – Not just a PPV named ‘Great Balls of Fire’ but appearantly a 50’s diner themed PPV
    – With Joe’s choke out wins this weekend, I miss the drop of the arm three times
    – As much as the ‘on a pole’ is a Russo stable, I always equite ‘partners who hate each other’ as his calling card
    – To play devil’s advocate with the main roster handling of Bayley, part of her issue, along with Sasha as well, they both have the ‘boo-boo face’ when they come out ready to lose

  • – Thanks, Joe!
    – Yeah, I need to change it, I just never get around to it.
    – Yeah, Jason…are you telling us something?
    – Maybe they’ll give him blades for arms and sew his mouth shut…
    – Clearly, he needs more Amazon money.
    – Is there a story here?
    – I had assumed as much.
    – I mean, I haven’t noticed any bad wigs in Preacher.
    – It is a mess…but a beautiful mess.
    – Paul Kreppel, who played Sonny the piano player, has gone on to quite a career as a Broadway producer. He won a Tony for producing Jay Johnson’s (Bob and Chuck from Soap) one man show. Also, 1985 Crystal Bernard was 8 year old me’s jam.
    – Truth.
    – If nothing else, we can at least say that anytime we’ve taken a hiatus, we’ve tried to be clear about how long the hiatus would be, and kept our Twitter feed updated with when we’ll (likely) be back.
    – As good a name as any.
    – Thanks for that. I’ll give it a listen later today.
    – Since I missed most of his first run, I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited about a Brock Lesnar match.
    – WWE Presents Ed Debevic’s.
    – Me, too. Dropping Finn’s arm once seemed anti-climatic.
    – You’re absolutely right. Other calling cards: ridiculous swerves, terrible acronyms (Pretty Mean Sisters, Terri Invitational Tournament, Sports Entertainment Xtreme, etc), oh, and blatant lies about anything and everything.
    – “Gee, Yogi…I don’t know what I have to do with this.”

    But, seriously, you’re right. The thing about that is, I don’t remember that being the case in NXT, so it seems like both of them have been beaten down by the way they’ve booked since coming to the main roster. Or maybe I’m just not remembering correctly, and they were like that back then as well.

  • Sasha is a much larger culprit of it, even taking to her Tumblr and arguing with fans about it in a ‘thou do protest too much’ way. Bayley, I just noticed with this past week, but that ‘This is Your Life’ segment could have broke anyone.
    The Doug Benson thing is many, MANY moons ago, some rando was asking for podcast suggestions and I mentioned Doug Loves Movies, without tagging him, and said ‘sometimes it takes them a while to get to the game part.’ That’s a blocking!