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On this week’s show, Jason deals with the masochism of yard sales, and David falls off the wagon and watches the Tony Awards. We also spend some time discussing the passing of Adam West over the weekend. We also decide on our first two movies for Summer of Shame The Third. What are they? Listen and find out.

We also talk about the most recent episode of Better Call Saul and Jason breaks David’s brain while talking about the season finale of Gotham.

in the Wrestling with Wrestling segment, David talks a little bit about Powerbomb.tv‘s Break the Barrier 2017, a day of professional wrestling that was commentated on by the Soon to be Named Network‘s own Joe Sposto. Also, David forgets Gerard Durling’s last name. Sorry, Gerry.

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  • – if you guys record one episode, then say break each one up into 20 minute chunks, you can get to episode 200 MUCH quicker
    – I agree with Jason’s sentiments about yard sales. I have no problems with them, I just feel being part of one must be a living hell
    – I’m more excited to hear David’s take on the Tony Awards than Gotham talk, strangely enough
    – Oof, I missed those folks complaining about what pics of Carrie Fisher were used to memorialize her.
    – ‘and the other guy who played the Riddler’ SMDH
    – Serenity was a movie we started April & I started watching the weekend before Asa was born. Never got back to it…
    – I highly doubt I will ever be in tune with Gotham, but I get a kick out of how much you seem to enjoy it
    – That said, claiming this is a prequel to the 66 Bat-series seems like quite the stretch
    – Are you sure those clips weren’t from the Flash?
    – The GREAT Kevin Ford? I guess his birthday wish came true!
    – I hope all that clackity clackin’ during the Amazon read was a tribute to me
    – How bad are the Star Wars prequels? I’d watch the Michael Bay Transformers movies before them again
    – The entire Break the Barrier show, including the pre-show stuff, is on their YouTube page, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gdRIy60penY
    – The exact (cleaned up for work) quote from Mr. Cornette on his podcast last week was “I will trans myself, if anyone wants to call me the next time one of these doofy effs tries a pee-pee spot (Joey Ryan) or the invisible hand grenade, I’ll eff them up, I’ll trans myself in to see that in person”

  • – We might get there in less than two and a half years.
    – I have never had a yard sale. My wife and I are both too lazy.
    – That is strange. But I’m glad I could I could provide that service for you.
    – People are strange.
    – Right? He said that, and my brain was like…wait…John Astin?
    – Well…I’ll tell you next week if you’re missing anything.
    – Gotham provides a good mix of darkness and over the top camp. There are also some outstanding acting performances.
    – Kevin Ford is great.
    – Um…yeah…that’s the ticket. I was trying to be quiet, because I was working on the show notes while he was doing the read…but I guess I failed.
    – The first Transformers movie is in the top 45% of the movies I’ve ranked on Flickchart, currently at number 737. The lowest ranked Star Wars movie I have is TPM, which is currently 251. So…I guess what I’m saying is that we differ on this.
    – Thanks for that. I’m hoping to re-watch it sometime this week.
    – I’m rolling my eyes so hard right now.