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This week, Jason and David discuss Father’s Day, children’s art, and Jason’s hangups about injections. We also commemorate the passing of Oscar winning director John Alvidsen.

In TV talk, we discuss the penultimate episode of season 3 of Better Call Saul. As the season reaches its conclusion how are all of these stories coming together?

We also begin the third annual Summer of Shame with The Coen Brothers’ seminal work, The Big Lebowski, and Joss Whedon’s space western, Serenity. Will Jason find his encounter with The Dude to be long overdue, or is it more like bad half and half? Does the cult nature of Firefly do anything for David, or does he wish it would Firefly away? Also, what will the movies for next week be?

The Wrestling With Wrestling segment is super short this week, and is basically just a podcast recommendation.

Have a great week!

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  • – HEY, Disqus is working today!
    – My Father’s Day was a win as I did zero yard work
    – OH YEAH, forgot Jason diddn’t like Army of Darkness
    – That’s some fancy whiskey talk…
    – I can’t believe you broke your soda ban!
    – WOW, Adrienne Barbeau in Rocky…WOW
    – So THAT’S where the title comes from! Now it makes sense
    – I’d guess most of the ‘hot clips’ from Big Lebowski already exist in the internet aether
    – hashtag nomiker
    – I’d say once they are selling Halloween costumes of characters in film, it’s no longer ‘cult’
    – I feel bad for most people in Revenge of the Fallen
    – Friends don’t let friends watch Transformers movies
    – I would have made Jason watch the Karate Kid with Wil Smith’s kid as punishment
    – The Tony Schiavone podcast is better than it has any right to be

  • Ha! I’ve already seen the Jaden Pinkett Smith Karate Kid. You’re punishment is meaningless to me!!!

  • – Yay!!!!
    – Any day is a win when you don’t have to do yard work.
    – I’ve also tried to put that fact out of my mind.
    – Fancy whisk(e)ys are the only whisk(e)ys to drink.
    – It’s been a trying couple of weeks, and since I don’t imbibe the alcohols on a regular basis, I take solace in Dr. Pepper.
    – I wish this episode had been video, just for the facial expression I’m pretty sure that I made when he said that.
    – I wonder how many episode titles have contained an indirect reference to you.
    – We actually listened to some in the pre-show.
    – Again…if only we had video.
    – Is “Sexy Donny” a thing?
    – I feel bad for people who saw Revenge of the Fallen…myself included.
    – The fact that he’s already seen that movie, but hasn’t seen the original is so bizarre…and I’m terrified that he’s going to say on next week’s show that he likes the remake better. This was a bad idea.
    – Yes, but some episodes are better than others. I’m particularly glad they seem to have abandoned the “Tony and Conrad call a match” gimmick. I don’t listen to podcasts while sitting at a computer. I listen in my car, and those segments did nothing for me.

  • – There is certainly multiple Dude costumes. Possibly a Jesus costume as well
    – I don’t LOVE the Tony & Conrad call a match deal, BUT them talking about Hogan/Warrior from Halloween Havoc made me watch it again and boy howdy, am I ‘glad’ I did