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This week’s episode is a long one. We talk about the first two episodes of Preacher, do a deep dive on Glengarry Glen Ross, and talk about 2011’s Moneyball.

Stop reading this and go listen!

Preacher 10:27

Glengarry Glen Ross 38:40

Moneyball 1:22:47

Next Week 1:39:10

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  • – Jason sounds shot out of a cannon!
    – whatever happened to the After Dark homage?
    – What is this ‘break from the podcast’ you are speaking of?
    – banana whiskey? Is that like cotton candy vodka?
    – I forgot to talk about the siphoning gas scene…
    – Preacher and Transformers on your resume!
    – WOW, I am missing out on a LOT with this show…that ‘Indian Casino’ thing was not in the book, BTDUBS
    – Kelly? Skip? Akira? Tetsuo? You know all the names…
    – I accept your apology, Jason, for the poor storytelling used in this show
    – Jason, at this point, DO NOT READ the books, we are past any sort of true similarities
    – I also have never seen Glengarry Glen Ross, but it’s right on the precipice of movies that are part of the zeitgeist at this point
    – Playing the villain in ‘See No Evil, Hear No Evil’ isn’t a big enough role for Kevin Spacey?
    – When you said ‘Giambi’ during the Moneyball discussion, I immediately thought of Jambi
    – American Werewolf in London…calling it now…Jason will HATE it
    – “There’s not TOO much Ben Stiller in it”…the STAR of the movie…
    – Nice ending there, .luckily there was enough internet left for me to leave this comment

  • – Well, it is Independence Day week.
    – Like steak dinners, it’s one of those things that gets talked about, and then never ends up happening.
    – I think this is on the off chance that he has a bad reaction to the surgery that physically doesn’t allow Jason to do the podcast. But…check with him on that one.
    – No…because cotton candy vodka is gross.
    – How could you have forgotten it?
    – It’s a good(?) resume.
    – I’m finding a lot of stuff that I missed the first time when I go back to watch them again.
    – Bushi? EVIL?
    – I liked your tweet from earlier today about being Old Man Sposto.
    – I wouldn’t know.
    – When Netflix puts it up, I’ll let you know, It’s a pretty quick watch at 100 minutes, and should probably go to the top of The List.
    – I really feel like ‘See No Evil, Hear No Evil’ is the least of the Gene Wilder/Richard Pryor collaborations, with ‘Stir Crazy’ being my personal apex, and I didn’t see that until after I saw the other three movies.
    – Mekka Lekka Hi Mekka Hiney Ho
    – I think you’re probably right, but unlike some of the other stuff he’s disliked, I’m not attached to it.
    – This was my first thought.
    – Realistically, we’re all just using Kris and Bix’s leftovers.

  • The after dark knock off is always a great idea until I try to edit or change something and I just give up. That said, I think I have the workflow to the point where it can be done. The question is will anyone listen…?
    And yeah, just in case I’m not feeling it after a surgery is all I meant. I was going to mention it to David before recording but you know, off the rails and such…