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This week, Jason and David don’t have much in the way of life experience to discuss. David did see Spider-Man: Homecoming, and he gives a brief review.

We talk about the most recent episode of Preacher. We talk about Hell, the religious nature of New Orleans, and weird, freaky dog men.

In Summer of Shame, we discuss Tropic Thunder, and An American Werewolf in London. Will David change his mind about Ben Stiller? Did David give Jason another dud?

Thanks for listening!

Spider-Man (David) [03:05]

Preacher [07:41]

Tropic Thunder [30:09]

American Werewolf in London [47:40]

Music provided by Bensound.com

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  • – Upscale dining establishment? Olive Garden?
    – “Not everyone has to love this movie” It’s SPIDER-MAN!
    – Are you telling me that THIS SHOW can’t keep it’s narrative straight from season to season? SHOOOOCCKING
    – Again, to no surprise, Eugene’s origin in the comics is 1000x better, but is VERY specific to the time the comic came out
    – If you like walking, this episode was the one for you. Not only was that scene stooged off in the opening credits, seemed very Twin Peaks-y for me
    – I think I see the reason you guys like it so much, as the Preacher makers are trying to ape the style of Better Call Saul
    – This show made me not care about the reveal of the Grail, Herr Starr, Featherstone and Hoover. Yay?
    – Outside of the fake trailers that started the filmd (the Robert Downey Jr./Toney Maguire one being the best), Tropic Thunder stinks.
    – I’m sure Bill & Ted doesn’t hold up in 2017, but I think part two does
    – American Werewolf in London is one of my and my wife’s favorite horror films, so tread lightly
    – Or…I have to eat my words…I am legit shocked by this turn of events
    – Yet no mention of the soundtrack…
    – I wonder how Juno holds up, now 50/50 on the other hand, very excited to hear David’s take
    – I decided to SWITCH things up with my purchases yesterday, FYI
    – With all the Chikara shows David was tweeting about, I was hoping for the return of Wrestle Talk

  • – I’m not upscale enough to work at Olive Garden.
    – You’re right…it was a silly thing to say.
    – No. I’m telling you that I can’t keep the narrative straight. I have a terrible long term memory, (I’ve had more concussions and probable-but-undiagnosed concussions than any non-athlete I know) and this is one of the drawbacks to the shortened season model that has become popular for premium cable dramas. When a year or more passes between things that I’m supposed to remember, I have a really hard time with it.
    – Yes. His comic origin would be difficult to emulate in 2017.
    – Hmm…considering that I’ve never watched even one minute of Twin Peaks, I have no idea how to take this comment.
    – That is a plus, but I think that it also boils down to the fact that from the moment I heard that AMC was doing this show, I was interested in it on its own merits, and not on the merits of it as an adaptation. I stopped reading comics before Preacher started, and picked them up again way after it ended. In fact, I don’t think I had ever even heard of the comic until you and Todd started talking about it when the pickup was announced in 2013. Having no history with a property is a pretty big plus.
    – Hmm…I am always excited to see Julie Ann Emery.
    – Well, I’ll agree about the Tobey Maguire/Robert Downey Jr trailer. Definitely the best of the bunch.
    – I haven’t seen either one of them in years. Although, I do remember where I saw Bogus Journey, it was at a theater outside Kansas City with my sister and parents. We were in Kansas City for a weekend for a piano competition.
    – I was shocked when he got to the reveal. I really thought we were in for another week of Jason not liking good movies.
    – They didn’t cram in nearly enough songs with “moon” in the title.
    – Next week’s should be an interesting episode.
    – We saw, and we completely appreciate it.
    – I thought about it, but there were two things working against it. First…the pre-show was almost an hour. We start at 5:30 my time, and my wife likes me to be done by 8 at the latest so that we can actually spend a few minutes together. Second, I’m not sure what I’d have to say about shows from three months ago that would be interesting. I’ll probably talk about it when I get caught up.

  • -David pretty much covered it but yeah, the narrative is fine, the point was that Eugene was never going to correct his father and tell the real story. His father was kind of a dick and all…
    -I didn’t know Werewolf is one of your favorites as well. Now I just want to talk about it again. And oh my god that soundtrack. The BEST.
    -That purchase certainly filled me with JOY