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This week, the episode starts off with a bang. After an awkward opening, Jason and David talk about allergies, surgery and work. Lots of work. We also remember the work of the late, great Martin Landau.

Martin Landau

In TV Talk, we discuss the most recent episode of Preacher. What secrets has Tulip been hiding? How hard is it to keep a tarp over your head? What is Frankie Muniz doing in New Orleans?

In Summer of Shame, we discuss another coming of age film (insert sound of Jason cheering), as Jason watches(?) Juno. Meanwhile, David gets his heartstrings pulled when he watches Seth Rogen and Joseph Gordon Levitt in 50/50.

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Preacher – 13:30

Juno – 32:04

50/50 – 43:22

Next Movies – 1:01:31

Music provided by Bensound.com

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  • – Preacher talk right out of the gate…sigh
    – secondly, I never said there is NO relation to the source material, just very little. Like 15-20%?
    – I am surrounded in my ENTIRE life by bad tippers. I default to 20% and work up from there. I’ve maybe not tipped once in my life
    – As great as Landau is, I always remember him from Ed Wood and Ready to Rumble
    – The George Romero one got me more (and first) this Sunday
    – I postulated how Juno would hold up…
    – This and a movie like Little MIss Sunshine fall under the category of ‘quirkity’ for me
    – You would assume based on their current project, you guys would have loved Rogan and Goldberg here
    – April & I saw 50/50 in the theaters before Asa was born, so we were both in a very emotional space, which I think clouds my memory of this
    – Youth in Revolt is the movie where Michael Cera has that creepy moustache? As a fan, even that was too much for me
    – shocking admission: I’ve never had a Hot Pocket in my life
    – What’s more fo a shock, Jason never saw Gremlins or the chance he likes it
    – now, the Dawn of the Dead remake…hmmm…
    – another week of no rasslin’? Glen Goza would be sad

  • – Sorry.
    – That is true.
    – Did you ever watch Friends? There was episode where Rachel’s father took Ross and Rachel out for dinner, and he left a bad tip, and then caught Ross throwing a couple more bucks down. I actually had to do that to my father-in-law recently. Although, that was weird, because he’s never been like that.
    – Dangit….I had made a mental note to mention Sal Bandini, but forgot by the time we recorded.
    – I know that Romero is definitely bigger for you.
    – I watched it a couple of months ago, and still enjoyed it.
    – For me, the whole of Little Miss Sunshine doesn’t hold up as well, but Alan Arkin is still genius in that movie.
    – I would like Preacher a lot less if Rogen were actually in it. There’s something about his screen presence that really rubs me the wrong way.
    – After having watched it, that is completely understandable.
    – Well…it’s the movie where he plays two versions of himself, one of which has a creepy moustache. I like. I think it’s an interesting film, and the alter-ego is him totally playing against type, which I think is funny.
    – You’re not missing anything. I had one once, and hated it.
    – When I was going through his list a few weeks ago, I came upon it, and was shocked. Although, I suppose it’s right up there with him having never seen the Karate Kid, and not having any real connection to the Back to the Future films. As for how he’ll feel about it…we’ll see.
    – I feel like I’ve seen parts of it on TV, but never watched the whole thing all the way through, unless Ving Rhames has done more than one zombie movie. Also, I just learned that Heather Langenkamp (Nightmare on Elm Street/Just the Ten Of Us) and her husband own the studio that did the visual effects for this movie. Weird.
    – Yes, he would.