Welcome back to Podvocacy!

This week, Jason and David discuss the particulars of Jason’s surgery. Remember…it’s not a HIPAA violation if the person volunteers the information. David talks about his training at the new restaurant job, and how that will affect the near future of this show.

On TV Talk, we discuss the current situation that Tulip and Jesse find themselves in on Preacher. How many ways can they find to be just horrible to each other?

In #SummerOfShame, Jason watched Gremlins, and actually made it to the end of the movie. Not sure how much more we can say about it, though. And David watched the Coen Brothers take on the True Grit. Yes, that is a change from last week, but just go with it.

Finally, to round out the show, Jason takes David on a ride he wasn’t expecting. It involves this video clip:

Preacher 9:59
Gremlins 29:22
True Grit 55:33

Music by Bensound.com

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  • – No cold open but something confusing at the beginning
    – True Grit? That one WCW clash of the champions
    – April has those IV problems as well. Maybe you have small veins like her. And hollow bones like a bird
    – Love Jason taking Hollywood to task for their steroid abuse
    – Whenever you quote tweet Brian, his tweets always come up as unavailable for me. I don’t have him blocked and he doesn’t have me blocked so I don’t know what’s going on
    – hashtag Chinese Twitter
    – Optimus Prime is the best and everyone should love him just like John Cena?
    – Due to the time codes being off, I heard you mention a certain show was slow the last two episodes? The bloom is already off the rose
    – Gremlins is movie that’s regularly touted as a family holiday favorite, keep that in mind!
    – Sad you forgot the Gremlin who popped in the microwave
    – Also, I think the cocoons in this film predate those in Aliesn and Cocoon
    – Jason didn’t like this. What a shock…
    – There it is!
    – If we didn’t get a Gremlins reboot when Furbys were a thing, I think that ship as sailed
    – I saw True Grit in the theaters when it was released. I liked it just fine, but didn’t feel the need to revisit it, if that makes any sense?
    – You might need to see the John Wayne version of True Grit for all the references in…oh wait…this isn’t in THAT version…
    – I only know ‘Top That’ from a scene in 30 Rock. Then the HDTGM episode
    – The entire Matrix trilogy…never heard of it…
    – Abbriviated Wrestling Talk, but I’ll take it!
    – Next episode, may I ask for Tim Curry’s musical number from ‘the Worst Witch’ entitled Anything Can Happen on Halloween?

  • – It was a Preacher reference
    – That absolutely should’ve been a CoC subtitle. I was disappointed when they stopped subtitling them.
    – Would this mean that he’ll get the bird flu eventually?
    – I actually don’t believe that Jackman took steroids. He got more shredded as the years went along, but I think that was more reducing body fat, which, and I’m not a doctor, I don’t think steroids really help with. I don’t really think he got that much bigger.
    – That is weird. Do you have him muted?
    – Where all they talk about is Transformer toy leaks.
    – I can’t wait until we get a picture of Loki, Thor, and Optimus Prime.
    – The bloom is not off the rose. That exchange was part of a discussion where we said it felt like big things were getting ready to happen.
    – It is a family holiday favorite. The Manson family.
    – I wonder if she pressed the “popcorn” button.
    – You’re right, because Cocoon is the next year, 1985, and Aliens is 1986.
    – Yeah…I’m basically torturing him at this point.
    – He did get there.
    – Never underestimate Hollywood’s ability to get the timing 100% wrong.
    – Oh, yeah. That makes perfect sense. There are a lot of movies that are like that for me…including this one, probably.
    – Since I don’t consume either of those media properties, I wasn’t familiar it from them either. I keep meaning to check out HDTGM, but I’m not sure I’ll ever get there.
    – Speaking of which…
    – Glad I could provide.