Episode 108 Summer of Shame

Welcome back to Podvocacy!

After a week away, Jason and David are back with a brand new episode.

On this week’s episode, Jason and David talk about more wrist surgery and being tired after many days of waiting tables.

In TV Talk, we discuss the most recent episodes of Preacher “Sokosha” and “Pig.” Did you know that souls are transferrable? Apparently, they are. Did you know that pigs can levitate? Not if Herr Starr has anything to say about it.

For this week’s Summer of Shame, Jason watched The Karate Kid Part II, and David watched Roberto Benigni’s La Vita e Bella (Life is Beautiful). Did Jason, at the very least, like part two better than part 1? Is it possible that David didn’t finish an assigned film? Listen in and find out.

Thanks, and we’ll see you back here next week!

*Note: There are some balance issues. Jason’s mic is hotter than mine and we didn’t catch it. I tried to fix it in post, but it’s not perfect. That’s what I get for doing the editing for the first time in 22 episodes. – David

Preacher: 0:13:44
The Karate Kid Part II: 0:34:35
Life Is Beautiful: 1:09:27
Wrestling: 1:31:08


Music by Bensound.com

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  • – welcome back, boys!
    – two independent parties on as guests? I smell something fishy…
    – round of applause for fixing the page so it transfers to tumblr correctly
    – Isn’t there a book to help with that, ‘How to Serve Humans at 40’?
    – “We all know how positive I am” dying!
    – I will never ask you to watch any other Karate Kid films
    – I would ask you to watch Gremlins 2: the New Batch however (hint, hint)
    – I saw an insert in a DVD that rated the first two Ghostbuster movies as R recently
    – Serpentor is above Cobra Commander, everyone knows that. That’s why Destro left to form the Iron Grenadiers
    – hastag YooHoo Stinks
    – Knee jerk reaction today, any college money I would tell Asa to buy a house instead
    – Did you really WANT to see two old men fight?
    – Outside of his run-in at Survivor Series 1994, I have never seen any Walker, Texas Ranger
    – The Talking 50’s Sound Voice Show, new to the STBNNetwork?
    – YAY! The return of Wrestling Talk!
    – I’m not going to remark on certain people being proven to be liars in that storyline talk…BUT

  • – Thanks!
    – Definitely fishy. We’ll see if anything comes of it.
    – Well, we’ll see what happens next time. This time may have been a fluke.
    – I believe that was “To Serve Man”, and that’s a different thing entirely…at least that’s what Richard “Jaws” Kiley told me.
    – I think I heard the Flash writers rolling their eyes.
    – Neither will I.
    – I probably won’t.
    – That’s weird. Has the MPAA been re-rating things?
    – I don’t remember much about Serpentor.
    – It really does.
    – His insistence that the movie hinged on Miyagi and Sato fighting was mystifying to me as I was listening.
    – Same here.
    – We are podcast professionals (?).
    – I aim to please.
    – #ShootWeek