Snowden and Shin Godzilla

Welcome back to Podvocacy!

This week on the show, Jason checks in with the latest hand report, and David works himself to death.

In TV Talk, we discuss episode 8 of season 2 of Preacher, titled “Holes”. This episode, Jesse‚Äôs a terrible friend, Tulip makes a new friend, Cassidy tries to decide exactly how bad a parent he should be, and Eugene gets extrapolated.

For this week’s Summer of Shame, we discuss two films from 2016: Oliver Stone’s biopic Snowden*, and the most recent version of Godzilla, Shin Godzilla.

Thanks for listening!

Cliffy the Clown

*note….everything said on this show is for entertainment purposes only. We are not involved in laundering money of any sort. Just saying.

Time Codes:

Hand Report 2:49
Preacher 8:30
Snowden 34:45
Shin Godzilla 54:42

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  • – I feel as though my tweets get things done
    – I can’t pronounce that sauce Jason mentioned as well
    – There’s not enought tea in China to get me to listen to any podcast I’ve ever been on
    – I may talk about two games this week, ‘Secret Hitler’ and ‘Setllers of Cataan’ which I played this week for the first time ever
    – “I like holes quite a bit” great out of context quote
    – I’ve been good about THAT SHOW, glad to see Jason doubling down on the vitriol, unprovoked and seemingly for no reason
    – I really like JoeGo and think he wouldn’t do a terrible job in the Sandman series
    – French Stewart was recently on an episode of the Adam Carolla podcast telling a rather distressing story about a fast food bag. So doing OK?
    – ‘severe looking Japanese actors’
    – Is Shin Godzilla the hipster Godzilla movie? Sounds very quirky for no real good reason
    – Oh, how I wish it was the Stallone Dread
    – What are the odds Jason likes Swingers? 10,000 to one?
    – Oh no, don’t listen to old After Darks…nothing good could come from that….except that episode 99
    – Another podcast I listed to always makes a plea to all the secret millionaires out there listening
    – That Orton vs. Rusev match…yuck
    – hashtag shoe shaming

  • – Your tweets do get things done, as we’ve already seen this morning.
    – “says schwan” (as I told him, it helps that I work at an Asian restaurant)
    – Or szechuan sauce, presumably.
    – “Secret Hitler” is awesome with the right people. I’m iffy on Cataan.
    – It really is.
    – You have. It just seems that this wonderfully positive show has driven him down a rabbit hole of negativity.
    – Being almost as unfamiliar with Sandman as I was with Preacher, I can’t speak to that.
    – I mean…he’s going on big name podcasts, so I suppose. Now…if he was doing this podcast, I’d say he was in need of career resuscitation.
    – There aren’t a whole lot of smiles to be had, until Ms. Patterson shows up.
    – I don’t think so. I think they were trying to make a serious, good Godzilla film. I just think that the director has a weird aesthetic that I didn’t completely get. None of the stuff that I found odd (the chair cam, the weird beginning version of the monster, even the people going down the slide) was played for irony or laughs. Well…maybe the people going down the slide, but I think that was more to underscore that they didn’t really know what was going on.
    – I may have revolted if it was the Stallone Dredd.
    – I’m hopeful, so I’m setting it at a mere 5,000 to one.
    – Episode 99 is definitely worth a re-listen. What was interesting, is that re-listening to Episode 104, I remember exactly where I was when I was listening to it the first time.
    – We’ll see what comes of us doing it. Also, I want to reiterate here in the comments that Jason Kirk and David Kincannon are not at all involved in money laundering of any kind. This podcast, Podvocacy, is for entertainment purposes only.
    – Just get rid of it. The show doesn’t need it.
    – Always. I will always shame Bobby Roode’s shoes.

  • -I listen to the majority of shows I’m on because I’m usually the one who edits them and I want to make sure I didn’t miss anything. Brian has even been cool enough to let me edit the RFC stuff I’m on so I have to be on top of my game.
    -I played Settlers once. Once.
    -Just channeling my inner Plinkett. Also I like doing that impression!
    -Glad French is doing well?
    -Shin Godzilla is the FARTHEST thing from hipster that it hurts to even read that sentence…
    -Yeah the secret millionaire thing is getting played out on a lot of shows it seems ;-/
    -RKO OUTTA NO oh who cares.
    -Shaming shoes while sipping szechuan sauce