episode 110 cover

Welcome back to Podvocacy!

This week, Jason’s hands are almost fully healed, but does that help him work a mixer? And David finishes out a 15 year run at his former place of employment.

In TV Talk, we discuss the most recent two episodes of Preacher. Tulip is in a downward spiral, Jesse and Herr Starr finally come face to face, we find out that Cassidy has made a very difficult decision regarding Denis, and, apparently, Jesus has had 25 generations of grandchildren.

For this week’s Summer of Shame, David had to watch the 2012 actioner, Dredd, and Jason watches one of David’s college favorites, Swingers.

A lot has been happening in the wrestling world over the past couple of weeks, and David touches on some of it.

Preacher – 10:26

Swingers – 32:04

Dredd – 58:25

Next Week – 1:09:20

Wrestling Talk – 1:16:14

Music by Bensound.com

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  • – A fresh hell I’m avoiding like the plague it would seem
    – I usually restart/shut down my computer the day of recording to have a fresh machine to go
    – If you never change the way you do things, it ends up being less of a technical headache
    – Being at my super (not so secret) science job coming up on 17 years, with us being told we were closing up shop five years ago, I feel ya, David
    – I remember the first time I saw Swingers, I HATED it. But, back when I could watch a movie more than once, I really grew to love it
    – color me shocked re: Jason’s reaction to this
    – Is Swingers the Animated Series the worst idea I’ve ever heard? Maybe…
    – Dread is really good, heavily inspired by the Raid: Redemption, an Indonesian film from the year prior, definitely check it out
    – Fargo is one of my favorite movies of all time, no pressue
    – I have concerns and issues with ‘Under the Red Hood’ but I’ll save that for next week
    – Album art…sometimes….not this time
    – Glad Wrestling Talk is back!
    – Braun threw a plum, I missed that 😛
    – I greatly enjoyed TripleMania this past weekend and think Dr. Wagner is super hot without his mask
    – I have theories on the Sexy Starr/Rosemary deal…seems suspect to me
    – Did someone steal my keyboard???
    – wrestling is a work? SINCE WHEN????

  • – This was a weird two episode arc.
    – I usually do the same.
    – That’s true. Unfortunately, since multiple people use the computer I’m on, things get changed without my say so. That’s the problem with children being of an autonomous and somewhat rebellious age.
    – Hopefully things will work out for the best in the long run.
    – You should try and watch more movies more than once. Maybe they would begin to exist.
    – I was surprised as well.
    – Mike and Trent and their magical sentient answering machine? Sounds like gold to me.
    – I think that’s going on the list for next year’s version of the Summer of Shame. Seems like a good idea.
    – I’m excited to hear Jason’s thoughts.
    – Interesting.
    – I really wish I could figure out what the difference is. We’re doing things the exact same way every week now, or at least, I think we are.
    – Glad I could accommodate.
    – It was on the chair. You had to look very closely.
    – He’s definitely got a bit of a silver fox thing going.
    – There have been some updates on Rosemary’s twitter account.
    – I’m not admitting to nothing. Which, since it’s a double negative…means I’m admitting to…everything?
    – Did you know that it’s also a business?