Hello Podvocates,

As you probably know from Twitter, David is having some internet issues so there won’t be a show this week. And he’s without internet until at least Thursday, which is a fate I cannot fathom. However, there are a couple ways you can still hear me this week!

First, I was a guest/producer on the latest episode of There Goes My Money with Diecast and Eric Crownover. We talk about all the latest Transformers pre-orders and I also point out that I’m probably going to spend A LOT of money at TFCon DC in a couple weeks.

And finally I will be on the Radio Free Cybertron live-stream tomorrow night while Brian Kilby prepares to embark for Hascon this weekend. So please join me and the rest of the RFC Crew tomorrow (Wednesday 9/6) at 7:30pm EST as we stream live at tfradio.net/live and also on Youtube .

We hope you all had a great Labor Day and we will talk at you next week!

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