Summer of Shame 111

Welcome to Podvocacy!

After an unintended week off, the boys are back in town, and are ready to talk. David goes into the difficulties of life without internet for almost two full days, and Jason spends a lot of time podcasting. More than normal.

We have two weeks of Preacher to catch up on, as we barrel toward the season finale, which we’ll talk about on next week’s episode. Eugene and Hitler are trying to get out of Hell, Herr Starr is insistent that Jesse become the new Messiah (poor Humperdoo), and lots of people are getting on their knees.

In this week’s Summer of Shame, Jason watches the Coen Brothers’ Fargo, and David goes animated with Batman: Under the Red Hood.

What do we have in store for next week? You’ll see.

In the world of wrestling, Braun Strowman and Big Show had a cage match on Raw. What did David think?

Preacher – 15:23

Fargo – 40:50

Under the Red Hood – 1:07:18

Next Week – 1:22:00

Wrestling – 1:32:45

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  • – seems like you guys have been gone FORVER!
    – downstream light…fancy talk
    – My dad has been having Comcast issues for WEEKS now
    – In my direct neighborhood, I’m the only podcaster. Now, a half a mile away at Stan Malibu’s lair, who knows what he’s doing there
    – Oh come on now, Carolla has like 10 stories
    – There is one more Knoebel’s trip planned before the season is over. Not sure when, yet
    – Fargo is one of my favorite movies of all time, legit top ten, SHOCKED Jason liked it. This constant comparison of movies to Jurrasic Park is strange to me
    – That said, Marge’s husband is my spirit animal
    – “The mean lady from Transformers 3” SMDH
    – So, I don’t like the ‘Under the Red Hood’ comic as it’s a retread of a cop out from the ‘Hush’ storyline. NOW, the animated feature is just fine, but the scene where Jason Todd emerges from the Lazarus Pit, wrapped up like half a shambling mummy is SO out of place and ruined the rest of the feature for me
    – everyone just says the same thing, iTunes reviews and rating make little to no difference unless you’re getting hundreds of them at the same time
    – Just as long as it’s not pumpkin beer
    – Ah, 1995, back when the Big Show was Andre’s son
    – Jason can name every Transformer evern made, but don’t know the difference between a Rodney Dangerfield joke and Henny Youngman joke double SMDH

  • – It does, doesn’t it?
    – Super fancy. Especially since I don’t rent from Comcast, I own my own. Super duper fancy.
    – I’ve had a lot of issues with cable lately, but internet was fine until this incident.
    – Aren’t lairs usually dark? I feel like Stan Malibu’s place probably has a lot of shiny stuff in it…like jackets.
    – Since I’m not a fan, I wouldn’t know.
    – STBN: The Next Generation meet up!
    – Based on how things have gone so far, I thought he’d probably like it. I wish we had a video feed just for when he says something about relation to Jurassic Park.
    – “People don’t much use the three-cent.”
    – Hilarious.
    – I forgot to mention that I totally laughed out loud during that scene. It was like it suddenly became an “Abbot and Costello Meet…” film.
    – This podcast would get six stars if it were at the Tokyodome.
    – Never pumpkin beer. When I drink beer, I tend to drink dark. Primarily stouts, although I have been known to enjoy a nice light wheat beer…on occasion.
    – Have you heard the story about Pat Patterson getting Paul Wight confused with Kurrgan, and not watching his tape that he had given to Mike Chioda? Show’s had an interesting career on a lot of levels.
    – I don’t think I could ask for a better podcast partner.

  • -Yeah really. I even grew a beard.
    -hashtag fancynoncomcastrouters
    -knock on wood, but Comcast loves me
    -I feel like I am the only one as well. I could be wrong. But I believe I’m the most important around here.
    -I’ll give him 11 and I’ve still heard them all 8 million times. And he does the show with Dr. Drew 5x a week now? Torture
    -There may be for us as well. Middle of October if it happens
    -Alright, I love the Coens. Stop being so surprised. Also JP was a touchstone in my movie viewing experience. For some people it’s BTTF, for me it’s JP
    -I can get behind that
    -Well, she IS
    -You didn’t like the Mummy part. I guess. But that scene is still better than any part of Rogue One.
    -I know, I was one of the people who said that. But I also want more than 100 listeners so every little bit at this point.
    -Pumpkin roll is the shit though
    -“I’m a giant(‘s son)”
    -Look, just because I know Lio Convoy and Hellbat doesn’t mean I have to know the difference between Dangerfield and whoever the hell that other guy is. (Also I’ve made that reference a ton and no one has ever corrected me. So I’m pretty sure most people don’t know that.)

  • -At least an ice age
    -hashtag hero
    -again knocking on wood. they seem to like me
    -you both spelled “sex dungeon” wrong
    -listen for a week. you’ll know
    -I’m always down for video. And I have several examples of it in the last month or so 🙂
    -I’ve used a 1 cent before
    -She was mean!
    -Again, better than all of Rogue One
    -On a scale of 1 to Electro, I give us Electro
    -I have beer in my fridge. Honest
    -Fun fact: I wanted to start a Mike Chi-oda chant the last time I was at a Raw taping. I didn’t.
    -…he types while posting for another podcast partner

  • Jason was able to work in two knocks against Rogue One in the comments section. Bravo?