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This week’s episode features not one, but two vampires horrifically burning to death.

But first, Jason and David discuss the upcoming Star Trek: Discovery, and both discuss the lack of excitement in their lives.

In TV Talk, we discuss the season finale of Preacher. Cassidy has to make a hard decision (see above), while Jesse gives this Messiah thing a test drive. However, Tulip has seen better days. We also give our thoughts on the whole of season 2.

For this week’s Summer of Shame, Jason and David both watched What We Do In the Shadows, from Thor: Ragnarok director, Taika Waititi, and one half of Flight of the Conchords, Jemaine Clement.

In Wrestling With Wrestling, David has some sad news to pass on.

Thanks for listening, and we’ll see you back here next week! Also, check out our support page.

Preacher 14:50

What We Do in the Shadows 44:25

Wrestling 1:19:22


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Longbox Heroes After Dark – Episode 119 (the one with The Royal Rumble 1992

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  • – Poor Terry Gross taking a hit up front
    – No one is excited about new Star Trek
    – Yay for Paladins of Voltron being back!
    – I don’t HATE Seth McFarlane, I just go out of my way not to watch anything he does. Not hate, just avoidance
    – You’re acting like a rando 16 year old boy will have a clue who Dr. Who is
    – Damien is far from the least liked Robin. Many stories from where Dick was Batman with Damien at his side are GREAT!
    – I’ve heard great things about ‘What We Do In the Shadows’ glas you guys enjoyed it
    – I shouldn’t give Jason such crap about Jurrasic Park, I think Last Action Hero is a revolutionary film
    – Don’t get your hopes up re: After Dark
    – “Google Play is a terrible place for podcasts” but go to iTunes? both stink!
    – Jason, you should be ashamed to have a pin pusher in your family
    – Big John Studd taking another hit as well. Luckily he didn’t have an NPR show
    – Thanks for the plug for the After Dark episode!
    – extra work? HARD pass

  • – It will probably continue to happen.
    – I like Sonequa Martin-Green, so I’m interested in seeing how she does in this role. Excited…of course not.
    – First episode was fun.
    – I avoid because of my hatred.
    – He might. He is a soccer player, so maybe he’s also an Anglophile.
    – And, again, there’s that guy who readers voted to kill off.
    – It’s a lot of fun.
    – Last Action Hero? Okay…
    – No Brain talk? Too bad.
    – Yes, both stink. But at least iTunes has a history. I’ve been getting podcasts from iTunes since 2003, so at least they have a solid background with podcasts.