Welcome back to Podvocacy!

On this week’s show, Jason was sick, but, like Buddy from Night Court, is feeling much better now, and looking forward to TFCon.

In TV Talk, Jason and David discuss the season four premiere of Gotham. Oswald Cobblepot has made a play for the city. Jim is feeling stifled, and Bruce is running around on rooftops.

After TV Talk, we present a new feature: Podvocacy Presents: Home Movies. In this particular case, we’ll be talking about a film that David appeared in in 2012 called At First Bite. It’s the first feature length film from Squidjib Productions, a group that David has worked with multiple times.

For Wrestling With Wrestling, David has a lot to say. Between watching King of Trios, a recent episode of NXT, and WWE’s No Mercy, he’s had a busy week as far as wrestling goes.

Thanks for listening! See you next week!

Gotham 9:12

New Show? 27:38

At First Bite 30:33

Wrestling 1:13:04

Music provided by Bensound.com

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  • – like the Night Court reference in the description
    – That said, Jason, you really should go see a doctor
    – I like you saying the TF Con is in ‘Washington DC’ LOL what a rib
    – ‘That is a sexy robot’ now I’m on a list for typing that
    – I’ve never heard of this Jason Waterfalls or nomde greens. Now, Hold Me Closer, Tony Danza
    – I’m all for you guys trying the Gifted, don’t forget about Inhumans!
    – I did not get a chance to watch your movie, David, I had to watch some weird guy in a leather jacket mug for the camera
    – Been meaning to check out some of KOT with the commentary here
    – Chris Brookes was slobbering on people, huh…must not have gotten the email…
    – David slinging the rasslin dirt like a regular Davey Meltzer!
    – Jason with the appropriate reaction to what happened to Cesaro
    – That’s what you get for watching football, disappointment!