Welcome back to Podvocacy!

This week Jason talks about his trip to TFCon DC. And the boys take some time to tee off on someone’s use of internet mapping options, and general knowledge of geography.

In TV Talk, Jason talks a little about Star Trek: Discovery, and then we discuss the rousing success that is Marvel’s Inhumans on ABC. We also discuss some stuff that we’ve watched which is much better.

In Wrestling with Wrestling, David talks about the changes in Enzo Amore’s character, and the recently released show Milestone 7 from Rocky Mountain Pro wrestling. And Jason contributes.

Weekly Catch Up – 1:40

TFCon DC – 4:28

Star Trek Discovery – 22:43

Marvel’s Inhumans – 25:44

Wrestling – 1:13:42

Music by Bensound.com

Audio clip provided by PhoneBoy

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  • – eager to see what I’m going to hate as the season for THAT SHOW is over
    – I know from having a kid, Amoxicillin sucks
    – David, singing my tune, I’ve been too old and fat for roller coasters for the better part of 10 years. A real bummer
    – Wait, I thought the con was in DC???
    – Sheetz is top notch, Wawa is good one month a year
    – Any way to get those mark phots taken works for me
    – even when I Bing “Reston, VA to Washington, DC” RIGHT NOW (Tuesday October 3rd 11:20am EST) whilst it says 25 miles, it says it’s over an hour drive with traffic
    – picking nits here, 33 minutes away would be saying a Wilkes-Barre Convention was happening in Allentown. Close enough, right? That wouldn’t cause confusion, right?
    – Mapquest, OTOH, has never steered me wrong, literally
    – I’m glad you mentioned Projector Man, the main over sight from the LBH review
    – Of all the…suspect…shows you guys cover, I’m shocked Inhumans is the one that broke you
    – How do you know those Wahl clippers didn’t take a turn in the Terrigen Mists?
    – That Tokyo Dome reference popped me HUGE!
    – I’m just glad you didn’t spend the weekend among trained Time Lords

  • – Yeah, but I know you skip over our talks about THAT SHOW, so you wouldn’t hate anything regarding that.
    – Amoxicillin does suck, but I went and bought a 12 pack of pro-biotic yogurt to try and stave off the negative digestive effects.
    – I’m going to work really hard on losing weight, because we got season passes for next year…so then I just have to deal with the “too old” part.
    – See below.
    – I’ve never had either. When I was in Allentown/Easton in 2015, I avoided both. I lived at the Allentown White Castle.
    – I just wish that we had evidence of them.
    – Maybe this is part of living where you live. I grew up about 25 minutes outside of St. Louis. It also took me 25 minutes to get to my high school in the morning. 25 minutes to me is nothing. When people ask me where I grew up, I tell them St. Louis, because no one has ever heard of Fairview Heights, Illinois, and they always end up asking if that’s near Chicago…which I hate. I’m okay with this for reasons that we talked about on the show: no one is going to know what the heck TFCON: Reston is. It’s not like you hear “TFCON DC” and you go to Washington DC, and start looking around for the Transformers convention.
    – Well, maybe it’s biased toward the northeast.
    – I mean…with as long as you were in the theater, I just can’t figure out how you could’ve missed it.
    – Yes…I know. My wife got me hooked on it…and I think it might be leading me back to MPQ.
    – Here’s the thing…I’m not sure that it really broke us. It just feels like a waste of time to watch it. I’d much rather watch a show where the question is “What weird, bizarre ways did they find to screw up this week”, rather than one where I ask “What are they going to do to bore me this week?” Like, I get that a lot of people don’t like Gotham, but I would be surprised if someone told me that it was because they thought it was boring.
    – If they did, I’m glad that the result was that they could cut Medusa’s hair, as anything else would probably be pointless.
    – It caught me completely off guard. The timing was perfect.
    – Sounds like a good time to me.