Welcome back to Podvocacy!

This week, David reads a book, while Jason does some more podcasts, and gives in to #BigPumpkin. Seriously, check Jason out on RFC Extra 39.

In TV Talk, it’s all Fox TV all the time, as we discuss the most recent episodes of Gotham, and the pilot episode of The Gifted. Prior to that, though, we discuss some fall out from last week’s discussion of the first two episodes of Marvel’s Inhumans.

For Wrestling With Wrestling, David and Jason discuss this weekend’s WWE Hell in a Cell event, specifically the main event of Shane McMhaon vs Kevin Owens, and all the drama therein.

Thanks for listening, and check us out again next week.

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  • – no time codes? uh-oh
    – I think we knew all Rick and Morty fans were THAT WAY, this just exposed them
    – Just tag me when that stuff escapes, Jason
    – Getting and owning a pumpkin to decorate and display is acceptable. Thinking eating them is an acceptable practice, inserting the alleged flavor into everything from cheese to mustache wax, that’s where the problem lies
    – Never thought I’d say I’d be jealous of snow in October, but here we are
    – Cybertronia Beast? Daryl? KAYFABE???
    – “We don’t want to be too negative on the show” oh Jason…
    – To me, this Gotham review sounds no different than any other Gotham review I’ve heard: a jumbled uneven mess
    – was that clip of me used with permission?
    – I initially thought I never saw the Cena video you mentioned, but once you mentioned ‘Bumpy Knuckles’ it opened up a part of mind that has been since closed
    – The way the save of Owens was shot was one of those times where WWE camera work is awesome
    – Wait a minute, ANOTHER week off? A day late ONCE in six years and I get drug through the mud?

  • – That’s on the other guy.
    – Fair enough.
    – I’m hoping to have something for you to post one of these days.
    – Pumpkin Spice Mustache Wax? That wasn’t on last week’s After Dark.
    – It was pretty much all gone by Tuesday afternoon, as it was a solid 65 degrees for most of the afternoon.
    – Jason is a Transformers podcast trash chute.
    – It is the stated purpose of the show.
    – I mean…you’re not wrong, but usually it’s a jumbled, uneven mess that is fun, tells a decent story, and shows its work fairly well. They haven’t done any of that so far this season.
    – Um…fair use? Can we now have your permission to use it in perpetuity?
    – Cena with a terrible George Peppard wig, chomping on a cigar is a hilarious visual.
    – It really was. I assume it’s the difference between consciously planning the way you’re going to shoot something as opposed to directing camera switches on the fly.
    – I don’t recall any mud dragging…but, yes. This is the price I pay for having a part time job with a constantly shifting schedule. The fact that I’ve had the last few Mondays off was a stroke of luck that I knew wouldn’t last. We will never meet your standards for consistency.

  • -I was tired, and no Preacher talk so I didn’t think you would mind 😉
    -Just like all shoppers are that way on Black Friday because a few flip out when then can’t get their deals? Huh, Sposto? Huh?
    -You have been tagged
    -Thank you. At least someone understands how Halloween should work.
    -Tell me about it
    -It’s spelled Darryl. Double R if you will. (Pipe bomb)
    -Well, we started out that way.
    -There was some good stuff on that show. No idea what the hell happened to it.
    -We HAVE gotten permission in the past. Although we haven’t heard from MLB yet.
    -It was magical.
    -I didn’t even see Zane the first time. So good.
    -There will be content, damnit!

  • That’s Mister Transfomers podcast trash shoot to you!

    Also I’m recording another couple this weekend 🙂