Hello Podvocates!

As promised, here is our second episode dealing with TV Theme songs. It was recorded some weeks ago during pre-show so if it sounds a little less polished that’s why. And by that I just mean levels and stuff. The audio itself is just fine. Enjoy!

Music: Danger Zone metal cover by Leo Moracchioli (feat. Erock)

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  • – The problem with banking a show is remember what the show is about. Even the three days between After Dark, I have no clue what we discussed
    – I also see an episode of Greatest American Hero that dealt with Dungeons & Dragons….errr…Wizards & Warlocks, toward the end of it’s run
    – American Tom Baker…SMDH…no Doctor is a heartthrob, teen or otherwise
    – I can confirm from someone in my house, eating boogers never goes out of style
    – LA Law, great theme, never seen an episode
    – If the A-Team theme doesn’t get you pumped up, I don’t know what to tell you
    – The ‘E’ in this instance is Energon, obviously
    – I have no memory of this Prime Puppet, going to search that out tonight