Jack Gallagher
No better ring gear in the history of pro wrestling.

Welcome back to Podvocacy, the show where controversy abounds!

This week, David drones on and on about his roller coaster of a week, while Jason tries to remember if anything happened to him. Also, we unveil the plans for a special Halloween episode of the show for next week.

In TV Talk, Jason and David disagree on the relative merits of the most recent episodes of Gotham, specifically with regard to Alexander Siddig, who plays Ra’s Al Ghul. Jason and David also talk about episodes two and three of The Gifted. Is the civil rights allegory a little too heavy handed? Well…someone certainly thinks so.

In Wrestling with Wrestling, David talks about the WWE’s TLC: Tables, Ladders, and Chairs event, and discusses the future of Powerbomb.tv.

Thanks for listening!

Next Week – 10:12
Gotham – 12:38
The Gifted – 34:55
Wrestling – 1:06:37

Music provided by Bensound.com

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  • – I liked it better when Kevin Smith and his ilk called John Lovitz the ‘Podfather’
    – Not sure why employers even do a drug check in Colorado, man
    – Congrats about the new job, David!
    – My first car was a 1997 Dodge Neon, purchased a year later, but it was one the kept at a mall for display purposes and had only 12 miles
    – I’m sad for David it took him this long to figure out Gotham stinks
    – “Where did your sense of fun go?”
    – Gotham has analogues to Dr. Who? No wonder it’s so “good”
    – I had TWO good episodes of Doctor Who?
    – I got one finger for the ‘Too Sweet” hand gesture
    – Powerbomb TV is not gettting EVERYTHING all at once from Smart Mark. No Chikara, AAW, CZW or anything else that has it’s own streaming service. Any of their direct partners, AIW, Alpha One, Beyond, etc. new releases CAN be added after six months. As for the back catalog, it’s not my place to say…yet…

  • – That must have been before Lovitz kicked Smith and Garman out of the Jon Lovitz Theatre.
    – I mean…really…there’s only one kind of drug that is legal. Certain things are still out of bounds.
    – Thank you, my friend.
    – Nice! Mine was a 1984 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme…it was stolen from my driveway during my senior year of high school.
    – Maybe this episode should’ve been titled “Controversy Creates Cash.”
    – I think there’s a difference between “I figured out that it stinks”, and “It has stunk since the beginning of this season.”
    – SMH
    – I mean…I think it’s a good thing…but I’m a consistent drinker of the Doctor Who Kool-Aid.
    – I think so. I love both of those episodes. “Blink” might be my favorite hour of television of all time…but don’t quote me.
    – Would that be “one sweet”?
    – Thanks for the clarification.