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This week, Jason and David spend a little time talking about Jason’s dedication and stick-to-it-iveness through the first two weeks of Podcast Month. David talks about work, and mourns the passing of a dear friend*.

In TV Talk, it’s all The Gifted, all the time. The latest adventures of the Strucker Family and the Mutant Underground see Lauren getting flirty, Reed and Andy bonding, and Marcos looking for some parenting advice.

In Wrestling with Wrestling, David talks about the happenings of the WWE’s trip to the UK, and what it means going forward.

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*This episode is dedicated to the memory of Daniel Langhoff, who was an actor, a singer, a friend, and, most importantly, a husband and father. Rest in peace, my dear friend. You will be missed.

The Gifted 7:41

Wrestling 42:33

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  • – ah, the times when you’re still able to shop for Christmas gifts in front of your kids
    – working a day job, a night job and having enough time to watch as much TV as you do, I’m kinda jealous
    – Gotham is gone? One can only hope THAT SHOW is next
    – boy, that’s a lot of the Gifted talk…
    – I haven’t watched Agents of SHIELD in three years and even I knew what TWO characters you were talking about!
    – I knew a guy who used to say ANYTHING can happen in the WORLD WRESTLING ENTERTAINMENT!
    – I also know a guy who might be able to fill on the gaps on that other story
    – Now, Jason, you know how I feel about Rumors, Innuendo and Speculation

  • – It is a magical time…
    – Well, it helps (?) that I don’t actually sleep.
    – Never! NEVER!!!!!!!
    – In fairness, we took a few detours during that segment.
    – I’m interested in seeing how long it will take before his brain catches up.
    – Apparently, even marriage proposals. And Paul Heyman berating the groom to be on his special night.
    – Hmm…is there PayPal involved?
    – Huh?