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This week, we continue talking about Jason’s month of podcasting, and his weekend trip to Philadelphia to hear a live recording of Justin Robert Young’s Politics Politics Politics podcast. David talks about something in the world of advertising that has been bugging him, as well as the bane of servers everywhere. We also talk a little bit of news.

In TV Talk, we discuss the most recent episode of The Gifted. In this episode, we find out that Wes has some secrets; Johnnie plays armchair psychiatrist; Marcos exhibits some very poor decision making; And Turner realizes that working with Campbell has opened a can of worms he wasn’t ready for.

In Wrestling with Wrestling, David discusses the big weekend in WWE, covering both NXT Takeover: Wargames, and Survivor Series. Will old school Crockett/WCW fans be outraged? Which brand reigns supreme? We’ll tell you all of that, and the biggest winners and losers of the weekend.

Music: Wonderboy by Tenacious D

Justice League Bombs 11:26

The Gifted 22:39

Wrestling 46:44

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  • – “Did Joe tweet it correctly?” what sort of question is that?
    – aw man, I’ll have to listen to another show for Jason’s drubbing?
    – Oh, we haven’t done a back up recording in many moons
    – You may have had a Philly cheese steak, but nothing about a chain restaurant is authentic, the crab, maybe, but just barely
    – My perdiction for the second weekend of Justice League? PAIN!
    – John Cena makes everything better, but he really put that to the test this past weekend…sheesh
    – Bwanna Man? SMDH…did Jason mean B’wanna BEAST? Was he thinking of Jawanna Man?
    – Sadly, I do know THAT SHOW has been picked up for a third season. Know thine enemy
    – Gimmick mutiny…when Gimmick INFRINGEMENT was right there!
    – The dirt I got usually can’t be shared, however, I got no problem saying this since it’s the worst kept secret going…but…old Wrestling is Heart fans may wanna watch SmackDown tonight
    – “Drew McIntyre is a charisma vaccum.” WOW!
    – I think without the Montreal Screwjob, you still get Austin becoming the star he was, it just takes a little longer to get there
    – As bad as the Survivor Series announcing was, the NXT commentary was much more annoying
    – Max Smashmaster hanging up the boots is a real bummer, one of the best dudes I’ve ever met in my life, wrestling not withstanding
    – And thank you for reminding me how awesome Tenacious D is. So many lines from Wonderboy, Tribute, Drive Thru, City Hall, etc. are still quoted on a daily basis by April and I

  • – I think all this podcasting is taking a toll on his sanity.
    – It’ll be worth it.
    – The only time we ever seem to need it is when we don’t do one…
    – As someone who works for a chain restaurant…you’re pretty much right.
    – It’s going to get its head crushed in by Coco.
    – His involvement in that match added nothing. I know they needed another body to replace AJ, and that, obviously, Jinder wasn’t going to be that guy. I’ve soured on Ziggler, but I almost feel he would’ve been a better choice.
    – Juwanna Mann…best NBA cameos this side of “Eddie”. (This is not a compliment)
    – Now that you say it, I do remember seeing something a couple of weeks ago.
    – And this is why you’re our Ombudsman.
    – Joe Pittman’s coming to Smackdown? *swoon*
    – I didn’t like him in his first WWE run. I didn’t like him on the indies. I don’t like him now. Everything he does leaves me cold.
    – I think you’re probably right, because, obviously, he was on his way with the match with Bret at WM13. I’d just be intrigued to see how it would happen without the Mr. McMahon character…or, if we get the Mr. McMahon character some other way.
    – Mauro should go back to boxing/MMA, they should bring Rich Brennan back to call the shows with Nigel…and Percy Watson should be shot into the sun.
    – That’s good to hear. I like hearing when wrestlers are good people on top of being great entertainers.
    – “That’s telekinesis, Kyle.” *NOTHING ELSE EVER APPEARED HERE*