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This week, Jason and David discuss ****need copy here****

Just kidding

This week, Jason and David spend time talking about Thanksgiving, and the McDonald’s Black Friday tweet that went viral, Wendy’s response which also went viral, and whether it was an intentional tweet on McDonald’s part, or if it was accidental and just a good cover.

In TV Talk, we discuss the most recent episode of The Gifted, wherein we learn some hard truths about the Strucker family, and Sentinel Services ends up with a lot of blood on their hands.

In Wrestling with Wrestling, David talks about this weekend’s Powerbomb.TV happenings, which featured the Soon To Be Named Network’s very own Joe Sposto on commentary.

Thanks for listening, and check out the other podcasts on the Soon To Be Named Network!

Justice League 13:06

The Gifted 20:20

Wrestling 54:17

Music by bensound.com

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  • – David was probably one of those Genesis snobs
    – I was gonna say I thought a say was missed in there someone…so close…
    – I only like when the Wendy’s twitter is being handled by that one wrestling fan on the payroll.
    – That said, the fact McDonald’s didn’t delete the tweet makes me think it was a work
    – I knew your sneaker obsession would be your downfall, David
    – I say Justice League is a 7.1 to Wonder Woman’s 7.0 but YOU don’t like stuffing? Something something authentic
    – And Nothing But Trouble is one of my favorite guilty pleasure movies
    – Now, if Esther Rolle was a Time Lord…
    – My coldness and wearness has nothing to do with being the island unto myself over here
    – “I don’t understand Nick Gage”
    – If you take the burial of THAT SHOW as a shout out to you, then so be it
    – It’s almost as though 85% of my commentary is insire jokes that MAYBE one person will get, who may never see the show
    – That joke gets play on the show, but deleted from Twitter?
    – I MAY have in interesting story about that talk show and Words on After Dark this week. I’m telling the story, whether it’s interesting is to be determined

  • – Nope. My parents just never bought me a 16 bit system.
    – He really was.
    – I generally like the Wendy’s twitter. I think they’re pretty funny.
    – Here’s the thing. Wendy’s jumped on it pretty quickly, so I think that deleting it would’ve been pointless. I think there is the possibility that it was a work, but I think the possibility that they just had a solid way to cover it and used it is equally as likely.
    – You’re not wrong. It is one of the worst things I’ve ever felt.
    – Now every time you use “authentic” on commentary, he’s going to think it’s a shout out.
    – It’s so great.
    – Escarole is an underrated green. Esther Rolle was an underrated actress.
    – I am having trouble remembering what this is a reference to.
    – Especially as a good guy.
    – It took me a few seconds after you said “Quincannon” to realize that you weren’t referencing me.
    – It’s what makes you fun to listen to.
    – I liked the way I framed it on the show better than the way I framed it on Twitter.
    – Can’t freakin’ wait. Does it have something to do with Words burying OC on Twitter last week?

  • I’m not a deathmatch guy either, but there is something about Nick Gage that feels real and unproduced in a world where everyone…well, most everyone in wrestling seems so phony and prepared. He has an unmtached charisma that can’t be explained.

    – I am having trouble remembering what this is a reference to.

    About how lonely I am over here in the comments section. You’re here David, and sometimes Jason

    – Does it have something to do with Words burying OC on Twitter last week?

    It certainly does!

  • I will admit that I probably haven’t seen enough of him, and maybe that drives the way I look at Gage. I also have a hard time separating his life away from the ring with his performance. I know that he has served his time, and deserves every opportunity to make a living, but it’s hard for me to reconcile that with watching him wrestle.