Episode 123: The One for Dave

Welcome back for a special episode of Podvocacy, on a special day.

This week, Jason has a clarification, and David has been very tired.

We have a brief news section, where we discuss mergers, acquisitions, and the deleterious effects of capitalism.

In TV Talk, Agents of SHIELD is back, and this time they’re in space. *cue the echo* Even if you’re not watching, it might be worth listening to for the audio clips. Highly entertaining two hours of television.

In Wrestling with Wrestling, David talks about the Chikara season finale, and introduces a new segment within a segment.

Have a great week, and we’ll see you next time.

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  • – not giving you grief for posting late or getting the show number wrong, but there you are
    – Eh, not all of them were strong…
    – This Disney/Fox thing…I’ll wait until there is an official annoucement on Marvel’s terrible website
    – That said, just because Disney MAY have the X-Men, I don’t think they’ll just ignore the Avengers, the IP they’ve been building for the last 10+ years. Luckily the X-Men aren’t TOO damaged and doesn’t need to be rehabed like the FF would
    – STRONG disagree about this washed out look clip you used to defend your point, Jason. Outside of the special effects, The look of any movie up to the mid-2000’s is about the same. If you were saying movies from the 70’s or 80’s, that’s a different story.
    – ‘that’s the last I’m ever bringing that up’ famous last words
    – Agents of SHIELD moved to mid-season? Sorry about that…
    – I’m sticking through this TV segment because of these ‘sound clips’ you allege, or the fact there’s no time code
    – So, it sounds like Agents of SHIELD is trying to fake people into thinking they’re watching Guardians of the Galaxy? Copy an A, get an A, maybe?
    – All I can say about that Chikara finale is sometimes even heroes fail…
    – These goosebumps references are almost as lost on me as these Dr. Who references
    – You ask those two bumbs at Powerbomb TV to get a coupon code

  • – I’m just going to say it…there are some problems with this episode. Mainly owing to the fact that I was tired, and a bit punchy.
    – I can’t say that I’ve listened to all 375, so I guess I can’t argue with you.
    – It certainly is something that bears watching to see what happens for sure, but I thought it was something interesting to speculate on.
    – I agree with you. I think they’ll work them into the universe, and who knows…maybe we’ll get A vs X at some point.
    – I completely agree with you.
    – I can’t wait until he brings it up again.
    – I actually like it, because they’re still doing a full season with no hiatus.
    – Time codes are the other guy’s department.
    – They are getting an A from me, personally, so I suppose.
    – Yes, and their heroism can be seen in how they deal with failure.
    – All of my knowledge of Goosebumps comes from a YouTube series that some friends of mine do called “Drinking With Goosebumps.”
    – I suppose I could do that, but I’m not sure that it’s necessary.