Welcome back to Podvocacy!

This week, Jason and David try and pick up the pieces from the trainwreck that was the ending of last week’s show. They do that by discussing Jason’s week, the installation of new audio equipment, plumbing, and the new episode of The Kirk Cast. David has a sad story to tell, as well as some idiocy with his work place.

In TV Talk, we discuss the most recent episodes of Agents of SHIELD and The Gifted. On Agents of SHIELD, the Agents are trying to make the best of their space situation under Grill’s thumb, while also plotting an escape. Simmons, who has become a courtesan for Kasius is tasked with helping a young Inhuman girl work on her powers.

On The Gifted, Lauren and Andy find out about their combined powers, and realize how scarily powerful they are. Meanwhile, Esme uses her powers to manipulate the Mutant Underground to try and help the prisoners at Trask. As you might guess, this manipulation has consequences.

In Wrestling with Wrestling, David briefly touches on an indie wrestling situation that happened over the weekend, and presents this week’s Powerbomb.tv Match of the Week.

Thanks for listening, and we’ll see you back here next week!

Agents 16:49

The Gifted 41:34

Wrestling 1:01:58

Music by Bensound.com

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  • – Jason pulls a lot of clips that I have no idea what the reference is or where it comes from
    – Lots of fancy names for fancy mics and equipment
    – My condolonces for the loss of your dog, David
    – you need to be a more proactive about those Kirkcast reminders. Subscribing through the Soundcloud site does not send reminders, BTDUBS
    – hey now, kayfabe some of those gifts, bruthers, you might be spoiling a segment of my dumb show in a few weeks
    – “I’m never bringing it up again” lasted one week
    – There was quite a bit going on wrestling this past weekend in pro wrestling, I’m glad you chose to stick with the more positive side of things
    – Personally, I wish you said you were more interested in checking out GCW than CZW, but I get ya…
    throwing a little Kirkcast #14 in here as well
    – Sad the Kirkcast went away when it did
    – just so you know, I still don’t know what Value for Value means. Like I understand HOW it works, it just doesn’t seem like a trusted partner
    – I also skip most commercials on podcasts, which is why I don’t like them
    – FYI, no response to that sponsorship deal we “joked” about online
    – the Patreon changes are gonna be very interesting come January 1st when people get hit. I have $20.00 spread over four different podcasts, we’ll see what that number changes to once this change takes place
    – I know when I was part of ANOTHER podcast network and we were shopping for comic related sponsorships, the head of said network said “just them you get 10,000 downloads a month” which is and was WILDLY untrue

  • – You’re not alone, brother. When he plays a drop I don’t know, I assume it has something to do with either Transformers (although, I can usually figure those out), or the Adam Curry podcast.
    – We’re fancy gentlemen…although we are aware that neither of us is “The Fancy Gentleman”.
    – Thank you, my friend.
    – I have a related question…since you don’t use a podcast app, and reply on rss feeds, do you have an aggregator that checks them periodically, or do you go through every day and look them up to see if there’s anything new? If it’s the latter, that seems like a lot of work.
    – Uh oh…breaking kayfabe.
    – I was going to give him a pass, since he brought it up as a reaction to the reaction. And I knew you’d likely give him some guff.
    – We talked about some of that in the aftershow.
    – So, I should’ve been a little more clear. I was already interested in GCW, by virtue of you doing commentary for them, and have been following them on twitter, as well as watching some of their stuff on YouTube. On the other hand, I don’t follow CZW at all, except for Emil Jay’s twitter account, and I think I follow the Dojo Wars account, but haven’t watched any of the shows. So this piqued my interest in CZW at a point where I was willing to say, “that’s not for me, and likely never will be.”
    – RE: the sponsorship deal. That’s too bad, I was looking forward to increasing the amount of damage I was doing to my liver.
    – I was supporting a couple of Patreons for a while, but I pulled them earlier this year when I realized that I wasn’t taking advantage of any of the perks. I just don’t have time.
    – I feel like there’s a joke about “fake news” or “something something fair and balanced” in there…also…remind me never to take a real estate investing class from that guy.

  • re: me and my RSS feed. I know when most shows come out, having a regular schedule, so before I go to bed, I open their respective RSS feed in IE (firefox and chrome have poor or non existant RSS feed catchers) and they are waiting for me when I wake up. Also, with IE, you can subscribe to the feeds, which creates a list which shows you when new shows are posted. Lastly, it is tough to grab RSS feeds from shows that ONLY have a Soundcloud site.