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This week, we’ve got a longer show for you, as we’ve got some extra stuff to talk about. Jason goes to a Christmas pageant, while David discusses how it feels to drop hot soup all over yourself. Also, one of David’s favorite rappers dropped a new holiday jam.

In TV Talk, we discuss the most recent episodes of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and The Gifted. On Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Daisy and Jemma get their stories straight…with some help, while on The Gifted Esme reveals that she might be more than she appears to be.

In Wrestling with Wrestling, David discusses the Smackdown PPV, Clash of Champions, and presents his Powerbomb.TV Match of the Week.

For the end of the show, Jeremy from Paladins of Voltron and Transmissions joins us to talk about Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Thanks for listening!

Agents  10:31

The Gifted  32:39

Wrestling  56:32

The Last Jedi  1:17:53


Heath McNease drops the hottest holiday jam since “Christmas in Hollis”

Music by Bensound.com

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  • – over two hours! Batten down the hatches!
    – Vince had nothing to do with Ferdinand, Cener can do what ever movies he wants outside of the WWE umbrella. How the hell does an animated movie have a $111 million budget?
    – Speaking of Vince, I just hope this Alpha Entertainment brings us a podcast from Mr. McMahon
    – Spilling hot soup on yourself, NOT fun. Duly noted
    – “My boy” Heath McNease…
    – Jason just enjoys being wrong about Rogue One, leave him be
    – They are renaming Puzzle Warriors 3 to ‘Handsome Homer Simpson plus three’
    – Did Jason mess up David twitter handle?
    – I can literally talk for hours about the nuances of the Owens/Zayn/Shane/Bryan storyline
    – Rusev’s finisher is called the Allocade, a tribute to Lex Luger
    – One of the people on that IPW show almost went on to be Words…
    – Next week, David’s gonna pick on Uncle Elmer’s sleek physique
    – Jason says ‘ugh’ to Rogue One, but not Phantom Meance, top level trolling
    – I am super jealous to hear TWO different adults, with children state they were able to any movie multiple times over the course of four days
    – The dice were a pretty intergral part of the CGC I played back in the late 90’s

  • – Or as I put it on Twitter: “Hold on to your butts.”
    – I had missed the budget number on Ferdinand. How much did Cena make for this thing?
    – Hmm…I’d like to think it would be interesting, but it would depend on if his co-host was more Conrad or more Rich B.
    – Nope. It was also super embarrassing, since our expo line is open, and right near the first set of seats…which is where I was going. So not only did I pour hot soup on myself, I made a table (that wasn’t mine) wait for their soup.
    – I know it’s silly, but I refer to him that way because I’ve been a champion of his music since I was writing CD reviews for a hip hop website way back in 2010.
    – Fair enough.
    – I like it. It’s got a good ring to it.
    – Possibly. I wasn’t focused on what he was saying.
    – I feel like this is a reference to Lex Luger’s tenuous grasp of the English language, but I’m not remembering the specific promo.
    – The lore around Words is super interesting to me. Have there been multiple Words?
    – My intention when I came up with the “mountain range” line wasn’t to make fun of Bundy, I was just surprised that he could actually be larger than he was during his WWE run.
    – And, unfortunately, I feed him every time.
    – I’m hopeful that I’ll get to see it at least three more times.
    – That’s interesting. I never played the CGC, but I did play the Star Wars pen and paper RPG throughout 1993/94. That, along with the Thrawn trilogy really cemented my love for Star Wars as a property.