It’s a new year, and Podvocacy is here to ring in 2018 with you all.

On this week’s episode, Jason and David talk about Christmas, the New Year holiday, how they spent their time, and a little of what they got for Christmas.

In Tv Talk, the guys discuss the most recent episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., which catches us up on what Fitz has been up to while the rest of the Agents have been in space. He’s definitely been watching quite a bit of the Premier League.

Starting 2018, Podvocacy introduces the first annual awards. There’s some disagreement about what to name them, but a compromise is agreed upon. The best that 2017 had to offer in terms of movies, tv, books, music, podcasting, and even wrestling are talked about before David discusses this week’s match of the week.

Thanks for listening, and everyone have a great 2018!

Agents 9:12

Awards! 39:27

Wrestling (Awards) 1:02:28

Music by

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  • – it’s a new year, Jason and David!
    – It ain’t my call if Doctor Who gets talked about on my dumb show, not no more it ain’t
    – I drive with headphones in man, I’m a danger to everyone
    – I whisper to myself every night “No More Inhumans” and it doesn’t work
    – Glad to hear Agents of SHIELD is hitting it’s creative stride in the sixth season
    – hashtag acting faucet
    – I did not know there was a new Thrawn novel out there. Might have to check that out
    – I’ll reserve my opinions about Joe Rogan for elsewhere, stay positive everyone!
    – Whilst I did see many (two) episodes of Who Are These Podcasts that really interest me, I see they also do radio shows (Mancow, Rover, etc.) which are repurposed into podcasts and don’t count, so already a flawed comcept 😉
    – I was really BLOWn away by that Black/Dream match as well
    – It’s called extra work, BTW
    – Hmmm, the reason for Jacobs firing was the picture…curious…

  • – Yes, it is!
    – Your show isn’t dumb. I am going to miss the Doctor Who content, though.
    – I do too, and I don’t enjoy it. That’s why I want a new stereo.
    – Nope, it sure doesn’t.
    – Ahem…season 5.
    – I’ve been known to turn on my acting faucet every once in a while.
    – It’s really good. If you do, you’ll have to let me know what you think.
    – I was notably quiet during that award for similar reasons.
    – I might have to look into it, to see if there’s anything I find interesting.
    – Haha…
    – I wasn’t sure if “extra work” was reserved for backstage segments or not.
    – I know it wasn’t THE reason, but it was certainly a contributing factor, or, that’s what I remember from his interview with Jericho. I did simplify for purposes of the anecdote…which may have been inadvisable.