Welcome back to Podvocacy!

This week, David gets a year older, eats some cake, and goes to the movies, while Jason gives some props.
In TV Talk, the cast of Agents of SHIELD is completely together…well, minus one. For about 70 seconds. But that’s okay, because Coulson had a flying car once. Confused? You won’t be after this episode of…Podvocacy.

And in Wrestling with Wrestling, David looks at an Anarchy Championship Wrestling match from 2012 featuring Robert Evans and Jerry Lynn. If you’d like to watch the match, you can head to Powerbomb.tv, create an account and use the code “Podvocacy” for a free 20 day trial. Then you can look for Anarchy Championship Wrestling’s event: Evolution of the Revolution.

Agents – 6:36

Wrestling – 42:32

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  • – Hearthstone is a game people were trying to lure me away from MPQ with. No dice…literally
    – light comments this week boys, I listen to the TV stuff, but none of it makes any sense to me
    – That said, you guys weren’t doing a great job of selling how you could get back in Agents of SHIELD at season 5 when you seemingly couldn’t keep characters straight
    – SHIT, you said the name is revealed this week, we have to figure out a name…
    – Oh, the pin point moment revealed when you guys recorded re: the Brawny Stowman news. What a delight that man is!
    – HEY, I know Robert Evans!

  • – I still have no idea what Hearthstone is. I’m too busy playing Disney Emoji Blitz.
    – This is on me, not the show. They actually end up telling you the character’s names (especially one off characters that last a short time) in an organic way in conversation, as opposed to being super exposition-y about it. The problem comes when I’m jotting down notes, because I’m trying to catch big things to make sure I remember them. So, almost invariably, when they say the character names, I’m in the middle of writing something else, and I miss writing it down. I will try and be better about it going forward. I actually feel like I need to start writing up my summaries ahead of time so they don’t get so wander-y.
    – This week’s episode of After Dark was so great.
    – He really is. He’s the absolute best.
    – I hope he’s enjoying his life right now.