Welcome back for another episode of Podvocacy!

This week, Jason and David talk about the Super Bowl, the ads, and Jason’s ill informed Puppy Bowl pick. We also announce some changes to the podcast format and schedule, and how things will look going forward.

In TV Talk, we discuss the last episode of the first pod of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., which sees our reluctant time travelers finally getting the chance to go home. Will they make it? What will be waiting for them when they get there? Do we have the answers to either of those questions? (No, we do not.)

For the Powerbomb.TV match of the week, David discusses one of the most infamous clips in professional wrestling history. This moment was featured on ESPN, TruTV, and G4, and sparked David’s love of independent wrestling.

Have a great week!

Announcement! – 6:27

Agents – 20:37

Wrestling – 45:51

Music by bensound.com

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  • – “Podvocacy Productions”? Ooo la la!
    – Having not seen the Super Bowl or cared about the commercials, this Tide ad thing is lost on me
    – And hey, the Puppy Bowl is something I care even less about that actual (real) football
    – the NFL became stupid the same day it became a business
    – A bump in listenership and stealing my voice? I need to raise my price for being on podcasts!
    – Another podcast? Color me shocked! And some sort of Rovert style “I knew about this several weeks ago” remark
    – And from my Amazon click thrus, I can tell you guys are getting ready for this new venture
    – Consider that feed subscribed
    – Should I tell you what the ‘ack ack’ is from? Nah…Maybe I should tell just David as long as he promises to not tell Jason

  • – Did we say “Podvocacy Productions”? I thought I said that it was a Podvocacy production. Just trying to keep it in the family.
    – The Puppy Bowl is a fun bit of nonsense. Although, I’ll admit that I choked up a little bit while watching some of it, probably owing to recent events in my family’s life.
    – When did it become a business?
    – I’d gladly pay triple what you’re currently asking.
    – The lid was on tight.
    – It should be on my doorstep when I get home from work tonight. Looking forward to some interesting insights.
    – Thumbs up to you!
    – I’m sure if you leave it here in the comments, he’ll never see it…since he never comes into the comments.