Welcome back to Podvocacy!

This week, it’s a Flickchart episode!

On this episode, Jason and David have some quick discussions about movie match-ups that include films such as Batman Forever, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Mission: Impossible, and Hot Fuzz. They go a little deeper on movies like Oliver & Company, Goldeneye, True Lies (which includes some discussion of current events, sadly), and The World is Not Enough.

There’s also a brief conversation about what makes one a contrarian, as David says that he is not one, despite some evidence to the contrary.

Also, David loses himself laughing at this:

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  • – Jason starting things out! This is a new era!
    – Let me go dust off the old Flickchart myself and play along!
    – When David said ‘ease on down the road’ I expected the first movie to be the Wiz
    – Love Holy Grail (66th) and I think Batman Returns (96th) is a great, weird movie
    – Also, Flickchart has a separate listing for Holy Grail in Lego as well, be careful
    – Hannibal (189th) is not terrible, but as a follow up to Silence of the Lambs, ehhh, surprisingly, the book is worse!
    – Never saw Anchorman, but am aware it’s a thing
    – Prisoner of Azkaban (180th) is the only DECENT Harry Potter film
    – The only Bond films I’ve seen are the bad one with Denise Richards and Casino Royale, Zombieland (209th) is a nice, fluffy movie
    – Even the worst Pixar is better than any Dreamworks
    – I may be the lone disenter that hates Titanic (319th), but still better than any “live action” Transformers movie
    – Jaws (13th) vs. Little Mermaid (104th) is about right for me
    – Never saw no Mission Impossible, but Wayne’s World (136th) has plenty of fun gags
    – True Lies (69th) is fun, but Predator (101st) is about he-men, glistening in the jungle
    – See above with the terrible James Bond with Christmas Jones (312th)
    – Never saw no Oliver & Company but it sounds like a ton of work for very little return
    – Transformers (313th) stinks
    – had to stop following along as if you looked at Twitter around noon EST, you’ll know where my attention went

  • – We figured we’d switch it up a little bit. Just wait until you hear Everlasting Minute…we’re going to leave you discombobulated.
    – Yay!
    – Yeah… I wish I could remember if there was anything that sparked that in my head.
    – Holy Grail sits at 50 on my personal Flickchart. Batman Returns is #700 out of 2064 movies ranked.
    – I just saw that. That’s weird.
    – Hannibal sits at 772 for me, Silence at 517.
    – I’ve got Anchorman at 919. ‘Nuff Said.
    – I think they’re all great. I have Half Blood Prince (#22) as my favorite, and Chamber of Secrets (#144) as my least favorite.
    – I’ve got Zombieland at #130. I enjoy it a lot. I’ve seen all of the old Bond films (pre-Timothy Dalton), because my dad was obsessed when I was a kid.
    – Truth.
    – I don’t love Titanic. It’s in the 700s.
    – I’ve got Jaws pretty low. I may need to re-rank.
    – I remember re-creating the Bohemian Rhapsody scene in a friend of mine’s Gremlin in high school.
    – I’ll take He-Men glistening in the jungle. What does that say about me?
    – Nuclear Physicist Christmas Jones.
    – I enjoyed it as a kid. I don’t know that I’ve ever re-visited.
    – I’ve got it at 818.
    – Yeah…I do. I hope you’re still well.