About Us

Podvocacy is our way of advocating for those things in pop culture that we enjoy. If it’s something we like, we’ll talk about it. That doesn’t mean we won’t be objective, or ignore the flaws in those things. It just means that we’re not going to talk about something for the sole purpose of being negative. We hope you enjoy the podcast.


Jason Kirk – Jason is a father and long time podcast fanatic. Born and raised in the Keystone State, with brief interludes in New Jersey and Arizona, he currently lives in North Central PA. He is a fan of comics, music, and pretty much anything that will make him laugh. He also considers himself a bit of an Android fanboy, but if you have an iPhone he won’t shun you. However, he can’t help you if you have a Windows phone. No one can.


David W. Kincannon II – David is a husband, a father, a singer and an actor. Originally from the St. Louis area, David now resides just south of Denver, CO. He loves comics, professional wrestling and musical theatre, which aren’t as disparate as they may appear. If you’re ever in the Denver area stop in to hear him with his band, William and the Romantics.


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