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A Week Off…

It wasn’t meant to be this way. Jason and I had every intention of delivering an episode even though it would mean recording on Thanksgiving. That’s the sacrifice we are willing to make for you, our podcast audience. Unfortunately, nature has conspired against us. I have come down with viral pharyngitis, which is basically a […]

Episode 4: Jib Cuttaz

Thanks for downloading episode 4 of Podvocacy. This week, Jason and David discuss Arrow actor Stephen Amell’s feelings about DC, the creepiness of Oswald Cobblepot and a Ranger puts back on his shoulder pads.There’s also plenty of discussion of David’s upcoming adventure playing Javert in an upcoming production of Les Miserables, as well as Guardians […]

Episode 3: Too Many Interestings

This week is an interesting episode of Podvocacy. David clumsily tries to explain his reasoning for using decimals in movie ratings. Jason and David talk about an interesting development in comic book writing. Doctor Doom gets an interesting new origin. Adult Swim gives us a bizarre/disturbing take on the classic sitcom opening credit sequence. We […]

Episode 2: Caught in a Controversy

This week, Jason and David set the record straight on a few controversies from last week’s show. We¬†also discuss Christopher Nolen’s controversial remarks about mid and post-credit scenes. We talk about Marvel Puzzle Quest’s new alliance upgrade, which some people aren’t exactly happy about. There’s also the matter of WWE jilting an entire country of […]

The Written Word

In addition to the podcast, Jason and I will, from time to time, post written pieces about pop culture. I’m sure there will be posts about television shows, wrestling, films and music, in addition to other topics that strike our collective fancy. Those pieces will be collected in a section in the menu called “The […]

Episode 1 – Marvel Movie Mania

The long(?) awaited first episode of Podvocacy is officially here! Jason and David would like to thank Marvel for giving us some very exciting things to talk about in our first week. Jason and David break down the slate of Marvel movies and give their thoughts on each entry. We talk about the latest episodes […]