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Episode 21: Cucumbers cool…you zucchini

Welcome back to Podvocacy. This week, Herb tries to get his name back, while David is looking forward to sipping some comic book themed beer. We’ll discuss the “damaged” version of the Joker, Sesame Street poking some fun at The Avengers: Age of Ultron, some information on Captain America: Civil War, and a potential name […]

Episode 19: Every Tuesday Should Be Taco Tuesday!

Thanks for downloading the latest episode of Podvocacy. Jason and David spend this week discussing busy Easter weekends, busy upcoming weekends, new phones and dressed up babies. Also on this week’s episode, Doctor Who will be with us for the foreseeable future, a former companion is traveling through time again, a beloved franchise sees distribution […]

Episode 18.Play: The WrestleMania Special

  WHOOO!!!! Thanks for downloading our first wrestling special, covering WrestleMania 31. We decided that a 4 hour plus wrestling spectacular should probably take more than the 10 or 15 minutes we usually use to cover wrestling, so here it is, our first special episode devoted solely to wrestling. Thanks for downloading, and we hope […]

Episode 18: Unbreakable!

Thanks for downloading the latest episode of Podvocacy. This week, Jason watched Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and our hosts gush about the 12 episode first season. The 80s are coming back with a slew of news about recycled licenses from the decade of excess, as Alien Nation, Robotech and Inspector Gadget are all coming back in […]

Episode 17: Ew…Bird Droppings

  Thanks for downloading another episode of Podvocacy. This week, David’s adoration for the Netflix original series, “The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” is revealed. We also talk about direction and casting in Marvel related films, how Marvel’s publishing will be affected by Secret Wars, and the idea of adapted media getting ahead of, and potentially spoiling […]

Episode 16: Hot Cover Talk

Thanks for downloading episode 16 of Podvocacy. On this week’s show, we talk about Jason’s family visit, and David’s performances of Les Miserables. There’s news of the Flash/Arrow spinoff, an artist leaving a major property in comics, Ryan Reynolds’ thoughts on the Deadpool movie, Jason Momoa’s thoughts on Marvel and talk of the recent Batgirl […]

Episode 15: The Arnold Schwarzenegger Hour Presents “Save the Drama for Your Llama”

  Hey! Thanks for downloading this week’s ridiculously titled (even moreso than usual) episode of Podvocacy. This week, Jason and David pay their respects to Leonard Nimoy, discuss the possibility of Drew Goddard directing and writing the next Spider-Man movie, our first look at Vincent D’Onofrio as Kingpin, and we turn to our listeners to […]

Episode 14: Ressler the Cat

  Thanks for downloading another episode of Podvocacy. This week, we talk about the return of Missy to series 9 of Doctor Who, a fan film that looks at what happens when Power Rangers grow up, and the abominable Aquaman poster recently released. We discuss Fish eyes, Agent Donald Ressler’s cat-like avoidance of certain doom, […]