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Reminder From a Special Guest

Sure, I could tell you we’ll be back with a new show next week. Or I could let our special guest tell you… Share this…

Bonus Show: Flickchart Rankings 1 – 51

Hello, Podvocates! David isn’t feeling well this week, but lucky for you we have an episode primed and ready to go. No bells and whistles in this one, just David and I getting right to the task at hand; ranking movies on the Podvocacy Flickchart. So come along and listen as we, well, pretty much […]

Supplemental Episode: Jason Raids Again!

What’s this? Jason is flying solo yet again. Wait, why are you leaving? Come back! I swear it’s not that bad. I have candy! Listen to Jason talk with Leonard and Todd about Captain America: Civil War. Share this…

Episode 55: My Billy West Isn’t Good

Welcome back to Podvocacy with Jason and David. This week, Jason and David discuss the casting of Commissioner Gordon for the upcoming Justice League movie. We also discuss a Star Wars fan film that focuses on Darth Maul. Check it out in the links below. In television, we discuss the most recent episodes of Better […]

Episode 29: Smooth Sailin’

Welcome back to Podvocacy, the only podcast that dares remark: “Love will find a way!” This week, Jason and David spend time discussing teething babies, children who are out of town, and the price of pizza. We also talk about Kevin Feige and James Gunn’s big weeks talking to the media. The Guardians of the […]

Episode 20: Fresh Herb

  Welcome back, and thanks for downloading this week’s episode of Podvocacy. On this week’s episode, your hosts regale you with tales of pizza orders gone wrong and bad starts to ultimately good vacations. We talk about the veritable TrailerMania of the last week or so, with new teasers/trailers for Star Wars, Fantastic Four and […]