Episode 10: Using Multiple Eyes

Thanks for downloading episode 10 of Podvocacy. After a couple of weeks off, Jason and David discuss Doctor Who, and the success of season eight. There’s talk of the Deadpool movie, with not a mention of Ryan Reynolds’ name, as well as discussion of the Netflix Daredevil series. And will Brandon Routh be getting his […]

Episode 9: Insert Sound of Noisemaker *Here*

Happy new year, everyone! Thanks for downloading the first episode of Podvocacy for 2015. On this week’s show, Jason and David discuss car accidents, Into the Woods and our favorite tv shows and movies of 2014. We also look ahead to what 2015 will bring us. We also talk our favorite comics of 2014, as […]

Episode 8: Macarena-esque Belly Swivel

Merry Christmas from Jason and David! This week we discuss “Last Christmas”, the 2014 Doctor Who Christmas Special. How is Nick Frost as Santa Claus? What’s Jenna Coleman’s status as a companion? How are Peter Capaldi’s eyebrows? (The answer, as always, is magnificent.) We talk about Superior Iron Man #3, in addition to the series […]

Episode 7: The Great Geek Giftacular

This week on a very special Podvocacy: David learns the true meaning of Christmas, and Jason’s heart grows three sizes. Neither of those things actually happen, but we are giving you a very special episode of Podvocacy. Since all of our shows are on hiatus, and Christmas is rapidly approaching, we modify the format of […]

Episode 6: Take Two

Well, after the technical debacle that happened with the first version of episode six, we decided to take a second crack at it. We talk Beastmaster, Mark Hamill joining the Flash, and the mid season finales of The Flash and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. We also discuss the goings on from the Chikara season finale iPPV, […]