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Episode 71: He Did it Again…

And we’re back! Jason and David return to finally discuss their most recent #2Summer2Shame movies, The Wrestler and Full Metal Jacket. Is it yet another week of winners for our fearless duo? Only one way to find out. We also discuss our upcoming schedule as work and theatrics start to pick up. And finally, David […]

Episode 69: This Week in Meat Babies

Don’t even ask about the title this week…just listen. This week on Podvocacy, Jason did nothing, and David spent time with his family. Congratulations go out to Sarah for her wonderful performance as Mrs. Banks in the Englewood Summer Drama Program’s production of Mary Poppins. The season 1 finale of AMC’s Preacher was this week, […]

Episode 68: Everybody Dance Now!

Welcome back to Podvocacy! This week, Jason and David discuss getting drunk and watching movies alone, giving notes to loved ones, and binging shows on Netflix. They discuss the latest episode of AMC’s Preacher, and some very decided Breaking Bad influences. That leads to several tangents, before the guys get back on track and talk […]

Episode 67: Who’s a Good Brusski?

Thanks for downloading Podvocacy! Jason and David are back with another installment of #2Summer2Shame, but before they get to that, they talk about Big Bird and Space Shuttles, PokemonGo, and delve into their feelings about the most recent episode of Preacher. BTW – If you want a more thorough discussion of Preacher, check out Longbox […]

Episode 66: Pidgeots Out the Wazoo

Thanks for downloading Podvocacy. This week Jason and David spend time talking about plumbing and running around town catching pocket monsters. The guys also talk about the latest films in the #2Summer2Shame series, Robot & Frank, and Adventureland. Did David come up short of the mark again? Listen to find out. Also, you’ll hear some […]

Episode 65: It’s a Dilapilated Boat!

Thanks for downloading Podvocacy! This week, Jason and David are back with the next two movies in the #2Summer2Shame series. David watched Christopher Nolan’s Inception, while Jason watched the third movie in the Evil Dead trilogy: Army of Darkness. The wrestling segment takes a longer portion of the show than usual, as David and Jason […]

Episode 64: In The Hizzy

Thanks for coming back to Podvocacy. This week, Jason and David present the latest installment of #2Summer2Shame, but before that, we talk about Podcast Awards, including some discussion of this gentleman (and his hair): We also talk about the news that John Boyega teased working with Attack the Block director Joe Cornish again. That segues […]