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Episode 114: The One Joe Will Hate

Welcome back to Podvocacy! This week Jason talks about his trip to TFCon DC. And the boys take some time to tee off on someone’s use of internet mapping options, and general knowledge of geography. In TV Talk, Jason talks a little about Star Trek: Discovery, and then we discuss the rousing success that is […]

Episode 41: Without the Gratuitous Penis

Welcome to Podvocacy, the show that asks: “Where did it all go wrong?” This week, Bryan Cranston wants to play a Marvel villain. A UK company is making Avengers/Star Wars/Frozen branded prosthetic limbs for kids. The Inhumans movie may or may not be cancelled. And the Hulk may, the Hulk may Ragnarok you! In our […]

Episode 24: Disney/Marvel Bang a Boom Boom

Welcome back to Podvocacy, the only podcast that dares ask the question: What’s the Frequency, Kenneth? This week, Jason and David discuss the possibility of Disney creating channels for Marvel and Star Wars, and the state of Nerd/Geek culture, vis a vis the recent Simon Pegg brouhaha. Have we reached critical mass in the types […]

Episode 22: #HurtJason

Thanks for coming back to Podvocacy, everyone. Jason has a scratchy voice this week, but we recorded anyway, and we spend an awful lot of time discussing Avengers: Age of Ultron. If you haven’t seen the film yet, you may want to sit this week’s episode out. Or at the very least, I can give […]

Episode 12 – Unbreak His Heart

  Thanks for downloading episode 12 of Podvocacy. This week, Jason and David discuss Spider-Man’s entrance into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the new A-Force comic, and review the latest episodes of Gotham, The Flash and Agent Carter. We also talk about the return of The Blacklist, and how parenthood can change the way entertainment makes […]

Episode 2: Caught in a Controversy

This week, Jason and David set the record straight on a few controversies from last week’s show. We¬†also discuss Christopher Nolen’s controversial remarks about mid and post-credit scenes. We talk about Marvel Puzzle Quest’s new alliance upgrade, which some people aren’t exactly happy about. There’s also the matter of WWE jilting an entire country of […]