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Episode 99: The Road to 100 (It’s a short road)

Welcome back to Podvocacy. After a few weeks of not recording, we’re back with brand spankin’ new audio for your ears. This week, Jason talks about the hassle of moving again, while David mentions that he’s trying to get back into shape. Follow his weight loss blog to keep up with his journey. We also […]

Episode 97: Worlds Gonna World

Welcome back to Podvocacy. On this week’s show, Jason has a snafu with a new monitor he purchased, and David gets his electricity on…for real. In TV Talk, we discuss the darkness inside Fitz, and how Aida is more like Pinocchio than Ultron ever was. We also discuss the pelvic thrusting of The Olympian on […]

Episode 60: Jabronies…ugh

Welcome back to Podvocacy. This week we don’t have a lot of news, and there’s only two shows to talk about…however, we still end up making a show of it. We talk about last week’s episodes of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Legends of Tomorrow. After the debacle that was last week’s episode, is David ready […]