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Episode 94: A Cuppa Joe

Welcome back to Podvocacy. This week, all of our tv shows are still on hiatus, so we’re doing another Flickchart episode. However, there’s a twist. Joining us this week is one of the patriarchs of the Soon To Be Named Network, Joe Sposto, from Longbox Heroes. We go through a slew of movies, including Jurassic […]

Episode 51: Basically…

Basically…welcome back to Podvocacy. This week Jason and David discuss sinus infections, The Super Bowl, and Budweiser’s lies. There’s no news, but there is plenty to talk about in television. We discuss Agent Carter’s first two hours in Hollywood. We talk about a tar monster that terrorizes Central City along with terrible writing. We also […]

Episode 23: The Raven Effect

Thanks for downloading this week’s episode of Podvocacy. This week, Jason is feeling better, but now he’s angry at a certain website for spoiling the reveal of the identity of the new Thor, while David is making an attempt at giving up meat in an effort to lose weight. There’s lots of Marvel news, as […]

Episode 18.Play: The WrestleMania Special

  WHOOO!!!! Thanks for downloading our first wrestling special, covering WrestleMania 31. We decided that a 4 hour plus wrestling spectacular should probably take more than the 10 or 15 minutes we usually use to cover wrestling, so here it is, our first special episode devoted solely to wrestling. Thanks for downloading, and we hope […]

Episode 14: Ressler the Cat

  Thanks for downloading another episode of Podvocacy. This week, we talk about the return of Missy to series 9 of Doctor Who, a fan film that looks at what happens when Power Rangers grow up, and the abominable Aquaman poster recently released. We discuss Fish eyes, Agent Donald Ressler’s cat-like avoidance of certain doom, […]

Episode 9: Insert Sound of Noisemaker *Here*

Happy new year, everyone! Thanks for downloading the first episode of Podvocacy for 2015. On this week’s show, Jason and David discuss car accidents, Into the Woods and our favorite tv shows and movies of 2014. We also look ahead to what 2015 will bring us. We also talk our favorite comics of 2014, as […]