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Episode 98: Ah, A Spreadsheet!

Welcome back to Podvocacy! The last couple of episodes we released had been in the can for a little while, so Jason and David are back together, recording for the first time in over three weeks. On this episode, Jason has been a vagabond traveler down the highway of life, and is searching for his […]

Episode 76: The Bland Split

Welcome back to Podvocacy! This week Jason and David take a cue from their friends/fellow members of the Soon to Be Named Network, Joe (Joe? Joe) and Todd from Longbox Heroes, and run down their individual rankings of the constituent films that make up the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We also report some breaking news (as […]

Episode 43: Riff’s Riffs on Riffs

After a couple of weeks of hiatus, Jason and David are back with a highly thermapeutical episode of Podvocacy. We discuss the plague that hit Jason’s house a couple of weeks ago, and David’s trip to Walt Disney World. WARNING! Do not listen to this episode on an empty stomach. In fact, you should eat […]

Episode 29: Smooth Sailin’

Welcome back to Podvocacy, the only podcast that dares remark: “Love will find a way!” This week, Jason and David spend time discussing teething babies, children who are out of town, and the price of pizza. We also talk about Kevin Feige and James Gunn’s big weeks talking to the media. The Guardians of the […]

Episode 11: Hot Roman Talk

  Welcome back to Podvocacy! It’s been a week and a half, and we’ve got some tv, film and comic news, and a lot of wrestling talk. No, seriously, there is a lot of wrestling talk on this episode. We’ll also give away a free digital copy of Guardians of the Galaxy #23, which features […]