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Episode 72: So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish

We wanted to do shows throughout September for all the loyal Podvocates out there. Really, we did. Alas, that will not happen. So, thank you for downloading the final episode of Podvocacy… for the month. ¬†Yes, David and Jason have decided a break is needed as life does everything it can to get in the […]

Episode 48: More Than Meets the Eye

Thanks for downloading this week’s episode of Podvocacy, and welcome to 2016. Jason and David are ringing in the new year by taking a look back at the year that was. They talk about the year that was in television, film, pop culture and wrestling and talk a little bit about the year to come. […]

Supplemental Episode: King of Trios Round Table

Thanks for downloading another special episode of Podvocacy. It’s finally happened, Jason and David have met in REAL life. As you probably already know, David was in Easton, PA this last weekend to attend Chikara Pro’s King of Trios event. Jason was able to meet up with him on Saturday to attend Night 2 and […]

Episode 38: Jean Claude Van Damme’s Time Cook

Thanks for downloading a special episode of Podvocacy. This week, Jason and David discuss some trying times that they’ve each had over the past week or so, which prevented them from watching their Summer of Shame films. They also talk about the season 2 preview of Gotham that was released recently, as well as new […]

Episode 16: Hot Cover Talk

Thanks for downloading episode 16 of Podvocacy. On this week’s show, we talk about Jason’s family visit, and David’s performances of Les Miserables. There’s news of the Flash/Arrow spinoff, an artist leaving a major property in comics, Ryan Reynolds’ thoughts on the Deadpool movie, Jason Momoa’s thoughts on Marvel and talk of the recent Batgirl […]

Episode 15: The Arnold Schwarzenegger Hour Presents “Save the Drama for Your Llama”

  Hey! Thanks for downloading this week’s ridiculously titled (even moreso than usual) episode of Podvocacy. This week, Jason and David pay their respects to Leonard Nimoy, discuss the possibility of Drew Goddard directing and writing the next Spider-Man movie, our first look at Vincent D’Onofrio as Kingpin, and we turn to our listeners to […]