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Episode 94: A Cuppa Joe

Welcome back to Podvocacy. This week, all of our tv shows are still on hiatus, so we’re doing another Flickchart episode. However, there’s a twist. Joining us this week is one of the patriarchs of the Soon To Be Named Network, Joe Sposto, from Longbox Heroes. We go through a slew of movies, including Jurassic […]

Episode 35: “So I Said To Myself…That’s Not Sanitary” or “Abs McGillicutty”

Welcome back to Podvocacy, the show so good…it had to have two titles. This week, David and Jason forego news talk and talk about the Fantastic Four film and the Deadpool trailer. Jason had a lot to say, and even appeared on the Longbox Heroes After Dark round table about the film. The Summer of […]

Soon To Be Named Jam – Supergirl

Welcome to the first ever combined effort from the constituent podcasts of the Soon to Be Named Network. Fresher and Parlance, Todd and Leonard from Longbox Heroes, Adam and Jared from Prodigal Sons and Jason and I got together this week to talk about the leaked pilot for Supergirl, coming this fall on CBS. We […]